Cuisine of Lake Baikal. 3-day Food Tour

3 days
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On the 3-day food tour, you will get acquainted with one of the tastiest cuisines in the world and see wonderful sights of Lake Baikal.

Day 1. You will depart from the airport or railway station of Irkutsk in a cozy minibus and head to Baikal. On the way, you will visit Taltsy and its ethnographic museum. You will begin your acquaintance with the delicious Siberian cuisine by tasting sbiten, a delicious traditional drink, fresh pies and a fern salad. Then, you will get to Listvyanka settlement that has great tourist infrastructure and features restaurants, cafes and bars with a wide range of dishes, as well as Baikal fish market. Listvyanka is famous for its abundance of fish for every taste. Here, you will try delicious hot-smoked, cold-smoked and dried omul and get the chance to immerse yourself in the process of salting Baikal fish and find out the subtleties of its preparation. Then, you will try different types of Baikal berries, dried, in syrup, in glaze, as well as taste local nuts, delicious honey and real cone jam. And you definitely won’t leave without a recipe for Siberian cheerfulness, drinking delicious Sagaan-Dali tea and picking different kinds of healing Baikal herbs. Taking a break from gastronomic adventures, you will visit the most famous places in Listvyanka, including a cable car ride to the Chersky Stone observation deck. Apart from the breathtaking scenery, you will see the only river flowing out of Baikal, the port of Baikal, the Circum-Baikal and the Listvennichny Bay. In the Baikal Museum, you will learn about the types of local fish and how to distinguish omul, whitefish and peled, becoming a real expert of Baikal flora and fauna. For dinner, you will taste Baikal whitefish with nuts and cream sauce and a fern salad that is a local delicacy. And for dessert, you will be served a delicious bird cherry pie and a mixture of Siberian berries, nuts and honey. In the evening, you will return to Irkutsk and rest after your gastronomic adventures. Lunch will be included.

Day 2. On this day, you will head to Arshan, which is known for the most delicious meat dishes. It is important to note that alpine meadows, Eastern Sayan, mountain air and the clear water of mountain rivers would give the meat a special taste. Once in the Republic of Buryatia, you will taste large Tunkin pasties with juicy, fresh meat and cheese. Local tea that is prepared with wheat and milk fried in lamb fat, Zutran-sai is another local delicacy. Arshan has incredible mineral water springs with medicinal properties of carbonic-sulfate-magnesium weakly ferrous waters (mineralization of 2-4.2 g / dm3). Also, a mecca for lovers of medicinal herbs and oriental medicine, Arshan will turn you into an expert of medicinal herb use. You will learn how to prevent cold, women's and men's cardiovascular and stomach diseases. To fully immerse yourself in the local cuisine, you will taste the local milk vodka, tarasun, and learn how to drink it properly, try Buryat salamat (flour porridge), Buryat buuzy and other dishes of Buryat cuisine. You will stay overnight in Arshan, breakfast and lunch will be included.

Day 3. You visit the expanse of Tunkinskaya Valley, stopping at the local picturesque observatory and extinct volcanoes. Also, you will get the chance to swim in hot springs in Zhemchug village and take part in a master class on sculpting Buryat buuz, admiring the performance of local folklore. A tour around the deer farm will allow you to learn everything about the life of nomadic people, and not only Buryats, but also other local residents, including Evenks and Tofalars. In the evening, you will return to Irkutsk. Breakfast and lunch will be included.

Highlights: traditional Baikal food, Taltsy, Taltsy ethnographic museum, Listvyanka, Baikal fish market, the Chersky Stone observation deck, the Baikal Museum, Arshan, Tunkinskaya Valley, Zhemchug village, sbiten, Sagaan-Dali tea, Zutran-sai, Buryat buuz.

Duration: 3 days and 2 nights. Includes: a tour guide, transfer from and to Irkutsk airport, transportations according to the program, double room accommodation in the hotels, excursions fee, meals according to the program. Optional: single room accommodation (inquire about the price). Minimum 2 people.

Please note: total price for one person depends on the amount of people in the group.

Payment policy: 100% advance payment 14 days or more prior to the event.

Cancellation policy: 100% advance payment refund if cancelled 7 days or more prior to the event. 50% advance payment refund if cancelled 3-7 days prior to the event. Non-refundable advance payment if cancelled 3 days or less prior to the event.

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