Istanbul is a historically rich unique geographical location which seduces tourists to come back over and over again. For many decades, Istanbul was a homeland for different civilisations, from Romans to Turks who fought and died for the beauty of this place. Nowadays, Istanbul is a genuinely cosmopolitan world capital city with hectic pace of life, crowded streets, and charming atmosphere. How can one resist coming here again and again? 

Istanbul is a melting pot of everything that has been constituting it for the previous centuries. It brings national peculiarities and past traditions together, creating an irreplaceable cocktail of cultural experience that tourists in Istanbul cannot feel in any other place but here. Coming here, you feel as if you are being recharged by the intensity of contacts with the past you have here as well as by the features of modern life, such as vibrant nightlife. Istanbul offers you everything you can dream about. So let’s find out together what makes this city so irresistible and why everyone must visit it at least once in their lifetime. 

Unique geographical location of Istanbul

Istanbul is a cross point where Europe meets Asia. Yes, it is literally the border between two great yet so distinct contenders that meet nowhere else but in Istanbul. The Bosporus channel separates Asia from Europe but the world parts are connected by a long breathtaking bridge. For Istanbul locals it is a true story to travel from Europe to Asia on a daily basis. They might be working on different continents, so commuting is a real wonder in Istanbul. Tourists, moreover, find it particularly interesting to enjoy not only the combination of two continents in Istanbul but also the beauty of Bosporus. There are plenty of cruise tour experiences across the Bosporus — and even an exclusive canoe ride you can try — that are offered for those who would like to feel as if they are standing between two parts of the world. If you are not eager to take a boat in Istanbul, almost every means of transport can take you between Europe and Asia. The opportunity is really one in a lifetime, so you are strongly advised to use it during your travel to the city — take a whole Ottoman Istanbul Tour to fully glare at the uniqueness of this glorious city. If you are more interested in the Asian part of Istanbul life, there is an opportunity for you to explore it in more detail by car to the most popular Asian cultural places in the city with an exclusive car tour.


Istanbul is a land of Turkish hospitality

Being a tourist in Turkey — and particularly in Istanbul — is both a pleasant and rewarding experience, as no one else in the world caters for tourists’ needs as Turks do. They will do everything to entertain, comfort, and amuse their guests. They are careful at offering you a cup of tea when you enter a tea shop in Istanbul or suggest taking a Turkish bath to relax after a long day of sightseeing. Do not forget to pay with the same coin — be nice and friendly to your Turkish hosts no matter where you stay or meet locals in the city of Istanbul.  


Istanbul is a cradle of four civilizations 

At different points in history, Istanbul was the capital of four greatest empires that this world knew, namely the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Latin Empire, and the Ottoman Empire. Each of them left their footprint on the cultural and historical façade of Istanbul, enriching its traditions and melting different features into heritage that you can experience only here. Legendary emperors, mighty heroes and their feats, mysteries and religious peculiarities — and many more — are just some of things you will learn and witness upon your visit to Istanbul. The historical view of the city is widespread and diverse, so why not use it to spend a truly entertaining holiday here? To enjoy the sights with comfort, take an exclusive city excursion by car — a guide will travel with you to the most famous places in Istanbul and tell you everything you want to know about them and other places in Turkey. 


Istanbul has plenty of stunning sights worth visiting 

When you arrive in Istanbul and start Googling what you can do here and what places to see, you inevitably sink in the amount of information given. This is because in Istanbul historic and natural landmarks are scattered around the whole city area and there are so many of them that you can hardly cover everything even in a couple of visits. Though historical heritage was once much bigger, age knows no pity and has destroyed many significant places for humankind, including many culture sites. Many remains, statues, and other products of our ancestors are, nevertheless, still present in Istanbul. Among them there are a worldwide famous Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace that regained its popularity thanks to the TV series The Magnificent Century, and  Sultanahmet Mosque which depicts the greatest work of distinguishing blue ceramics — one of many ottoman pearls of Istanbul. 


Astonishing nightlife in Istanbul to cherish in memories during long working weeks

Rarely can anyone come closer to the level of amusement and entertainment that can be found in any city in Turkey, and, especially, in Istanbul. This city is vibrant in its night colors as well as during the daylight. The lovely lively nightclubs are located along the Bosporus channel, and the variety is huge. Some of them feature live music and best DG’s beats, whereas others are chosen and preferred for their beverages. Istanbul throws discotheques on the streets, pubs are calling for tourists at every corner, and cocktails run like rivers suitable for any budget. One thing is for sure: upon their travel to Istanbul, everyone will find something to their liking.


Turkish delicacies in Istanbul

Istanbul is a food paradise. Here you can have the best tasters of Turkish cuisine mixed with traditions of surrounding cultures, such as Indian and Asian. Turkish cuisine is highly acclaimed for a variety of meat dishes as well as yummy sweets and desserts that will leave no one indifferent. The sole issue to be concerned about is keeping yourself in shape, as the number of gastronomic seductions skyrockets here. Cigkofte filled with aromatic bulgur, baklava with natural honey and every possible kind of nuts, traditional kebabs — I bet your mouths are already watering. Isn't it a great reason to plan a gastronomic trip to Istanbul and see all this marvelous food for yourself? If you wonder whether it is possible to visit all the best places in Istanbul, take a gastronomic tour to taste the local food with an experienced guide that will show you around the best local places and provide you with a story of the traditional cuisine. 

Istanbul bazaar.jpg

There is no better place than Istanbul to go shopping 

Small souvenir stalls, fruit city malls, small bazaars are literally everywhere in Istanbul if you take a look. You can find small pieces of sea shells, fridge magnets, and painted dishes to bring home with you to remind you about existing holidays or take as a pretty gift to your loved ones. If you are looking for a more serious shopping experience, in Istanbul there are whole districts dedicated to bazaars. The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is the most famous example of such a place and this is the area where you can find and buy everything you may want: from clothes and accessories to food and spices. The territory of the Bazaar is so huge and the mazes of stalls and shelves are so similar that you can easily get lost in this colorful labyrinth. If you want to get the best shopping travel experience in Turkey, set off for a luxury shopping tour in Istanbul to plunge into the riches of the Turkish market and experience the ottoman culture to the fullest.  


Istanbul is good whenever you visit it

It seems as if any season suits Istanbul. The summers are sunny and hot, the autumns are bright and warm, the winters are mild and pretty — and you can always hide in astonishing Istanbul museums featuring the best local artists, and the spring season is magnificent, blooming, and charming. It is impossible not to fall for Istanbul — and it does not even depend on the month you come to visit it. Tourist crowds fill in the Istanbul streets starting from May to September. The most beautiful period of time here, however, is spring when tourists are still close to being scarce and the temperatures are not that high as they will be during the summer haze. The whole city is booming with flowers and blooming plants and painted into every rainbow color. But if you have other plans for the springtime, there is no problem. Pack your bags and leave for Istanbul at any time — it always welcomes you.


You can have a nice holiday for a reasonable price in Istanbul

Money issues are, nevertheless, important for everyone. In case you hope to get away without spending a fortune, Istanbul comes as a sweet surprise. The prices in Istanbul are lower than in many European and Asian capitals, though the level of services and goods is as high as it has always been. 


Cutting edge technologies and cosmopolitan nature of the city life in Istanbul

If you have a view of Istanbul as an ancient and deeply historically rooted city, you are close to being mistaken. Yes, it collects many memories of the past events and cultures and carries the legacies of ancient civilisations; but, nowadays, Istanbul is a modern capital with a multicultural population and cosmopolitan character. People of different nations populate the city of Istanbul, including not only Turks and Arabs but also Jews and Kurds. Museums and galleries feature historical displays using the latest cutting edge technologies and devices. Current city of Istanbul is the mix of its past recollections and modern day culture fancies, so rush to glance at how these two sides of Istanbul manage to come along.