Egypt is the most popular destination for sun and sea devotees. The capital of that southern country, Cairo, never ceases to amaze the visitors with new entertainment. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the Middle East, full of ancient mosques and coptic churches, colorful locations, and an incredible atmosphere that keeps you coming back here again. Cairo is a place of eastern contrasts, traditions, unique museums, ancient citadels, and incredible touristic places that travelers definitely must visit. In the Middle East, especially in Egypt, there are many world cultural monuments, where many travelers from all over the world aspire to.


Fall and winter is the best time to travel to Cairo and Egypt in general. Comfortable temperature mixed with the bright sun provide excellent conditions for long walks. Spring is not the most comfortable season to travel around Egypt. At this time, the desert Khamsin wind blows mercilessly across Egypt from the east and south. In summer, the weather in Cairo is unbearably hot: exploring dusty cities from June to August is a dubious pleasure.

If you are going to travel to Cairo for the first time, the variety of events and tourist locations can be confusing. In this guide you will find the top 10 things to do in Cairo so that your Egypt trip will be unforgettable.

Pyramids of Giza

Probably the very first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Egypt is the Giza Pyramids. 25 kilometers southwest of the city centre of Cairo, a monumental pyramidal complex of Giza is located. This ancient ensemble includes the three main pyramids: Chufu, Khafre, and Menkaure. Also, the Cairo complex can boast of Giza ancient temples that lead to the pyramids themselves. The Giza Necropolis houses the prominent statue of the Great Sphinx that has its own incredible history.

To find lots of top locations to visit in Cairo is more than real. If there is not much time for vacation, but the desire to see all the main sights is huge, then the Full-day Egyptian Museum, Giza Pyramids and Sphinx Tour from Cairo Airport is the best choice. In one day, you manage to visit not only the Pyramids, but also Bazaars of Cairo, Perfume Factory and Valley Temple.


The Cairo pyramids are especially bright and unforgettable for the Giza Pyramids Sound and Light Show visitors: the history of Egypt becomes visible from the pyramids and ancient islamic mosques and citadels to the modern times.

It is possible to appreciate ancient Egyptian culture in a traditional way by taking a Camel Ride Tour Around the Pyramids. This is the best opportunity not only to get closer to the eastern miracles of great architecture of Egypt, but also feel the atmosphere of an endless desert and witness incredible Africa’s southern landscapes of the surroundings of Cairo.

For the lovers of risky experience, the organizers prepared the Quad Bike Safari to the Pyramids. This unusual trip is a great opportunity to evaluate the ancient places from a different angle, enjoying the sandy dunes of Egypt.

Egyptian Museum


If you are looking for a place in Cairo where all the objects of the great civilization of Ancient Egypt are collected, then The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization is exactly what you need. This museum occupies an important place among the historical institutions in Africa and in all the world.

The Egyptian Museum of Cairo is a unique collection of ancient Egyptian cultural objects. Here you will find unique artifacts that serve as a source of in-depth study of the life of the Egyptians who lived here several thousand years ago. Mummies of pharaohs, sarcophagi and various things of that time will surprise even the most sophisticated guests of Cairo. Even if you are not a fan of historical things, you should visit this unique museum; it makes you feel the zeitgeist of the lost civilization of pre-Roman Egypt.

Cairo mosques


Cairo is a real find for those interested in Islamic culture. It is easy to guess that the mosque is an artifact for a deep study of the Islamic world. No wonder Cairo is called the City of a Thousand Minarets.

A marvel of architectural art, the Cairo Citadel is one of the most visited places in Cairo and Egypt. Powerful towers and walls of light brown stone make a strong impression on those entering the citadel.

Another monument of the Islamic Cairo to visit is the Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan. It is one of the most famous and monumental buildings in Cairo representing the Mamluk culture of medieval Egypt.

In order not to get lost in the myriad of magnificent islamic buildings and coptic churches of Cairo, the Islamic, Coptic and Jewish Cairo Tour will help you out. The trip includes the most famous monuments of Islamic culture in Egypt, created several centuries ago. You will be able to appreciate not only the scope of architectural grandeur of Cairo, but also to become witnesses of common prayers with their tremendous atmosphere around.

Gastronomic experience

‍Arriving in a new country, in addition to touristic trips and walks around beautiful streets, you always want to know what the locals eat. After all, cuisine is what helps to feel the cultural subtleties of the country. In the most touristic area of Cairo, around Tahrir Square, there is the largest concentration of top restaurants with immaculate service, delicious food and remarkable interior.


However, even this aspect of tourism can be diversified, for example, by taking the unusual Tasty Street Food Tour in Cairo. This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the dishes that the Egyptians eat while walking along the Nile embankment.

In fact, the options for gastro tours in Egypt are up to your preference. If you want to have a fun holiday with your friends, then the Cairo Night Dinner Cruise is what you need: marvelous Nile, folklore show, oriental music and incredible cuisine.

If you are willing to plunge into the colorful life of Egypt, then feel free to go to the historical cafe Naguib Mahfouz located on the Khan El-Khalili market, in Cairo. Here you will enjoy ancient interiors, delicious national cuisine and live music of modern Egypt.

River of Nile


The Nile River is one of the main tourist spots not only of Egypt, but of all of Africa. 6 thousand years ago, this river gave rise to the great Egyptian civilization. Now a lot of entertainment is tied to it: cruise trips, night excursions along the river, sailing around. Cairo is ready to offer you the best ways to travel!

If you are already knackered by museums and old coptic churches and citadels, then you can relax a little by taking the Felucca Ride on the Nile. This is an opportunity to travel to another Cairo, to explore the balance of modernity and the ancient city from a new angle, and an experienced guide will help you out.

Red Sea

A trip to Cairo is a great opportunity to see a unique object of nature. The Red Sea is the saltiest sea in the world's oceans. Due to the fact that no rivers flow into it, the water here is crystal clear. The Red Sea is located just an hour from Cairo, in Ain Sokhna. The quality and diversity of corals, marine flora and fauna is unrivaled in the Northern Hemisphere. You can scuba dive and explore the diversity of the marvelous sea world of coastal Egypt.


Different types of tours are available to tourists: one-day tours with departure from Cairo and two or more days tours with accommodation in the hotels of Ain Sokhna. If you prefer the first option, then during the Full-day Tour to the Red Sea from Cairo with Lunch you will be able to appreciate the splendor of this location. Here’s a little clarification: lunch included in the price of the tour can be serviced on the beach upon your request.

Old Cairo


Old Cairo is a historical part located in the southern part of the Egyptian city, which many centuries ago was the center of Christianity. Unlike the Islamic part of the city, where citadels and mosques predominate, Old Cairo is about Coptic Christian churches. The part of the Old City where Coptic Christians live is called Coptic Cairo. There are many interesting sights here to explore.

The Coptic Museum is a fascinating spot. Tourists should make a trip to other Cairo local attractions, such as the Babylon fortress, The Hanging Church, the Church of St. George. This oldest area of ​​the city is a kind of window into the history and culture of Cairo and Egypt in general. You can explore the city on your own or hire a tour guide.

Khan al-Khalili market


Khan el-Khalili is the most authentic market of Cairo, which attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. This place is worth visiting both because of the variety of goods and the historical uniqueness. The ancient buildings of the Khan el-Khalili market have changed little since the Middle Ages. It is a literal tangle of old Cairo streets. The shops are located under the arches of a magnificent architectural complex built in the 16th century.

Here it is possible to find literally all things in the world: from coffee, tea and oriental sweets to antiques, gold jewelry, and Cairo handicrafts. As in any market in Egypt, you should not buy the product you like at the original price, since bargaining is always appropriate here. Many shops have local Cairo craftsmen who make their products right in the market: you can see a chaser making a tray, or a shoemaker sewing pointed slippers. By the way, you can always find a guide who will help you find the best things in Africa.

Ride in the desert in a jeep


In addition to standard entertainment, which is a must-visit for tourists who travel around Egypt, Cairo has prepared crazy White Desert trips in a jeep. It can be both short trips for a few hours, and two-week adventures. This is one of the best opportunities to get into the wonderful world of Egypt. You will visit the villages where the Bedouins live, overcome the sand dunes, swim in hot springs and even search for an oasis. Visiting Cairo citadels and museums is certainly good, however, getting vivid emotions is also one of the essential moments for an unforgettable stay.

‍Admire the surroundings


The largest city in Egypt after Cairo is Alexandria. When it comes to the beauty of historical and architectural masterpieces, religious buildings and memorable places, Alexandria is not inferior to Cairo itself and many European cities. In this place are incredible objects of Egyptian culture, for example, the Great Library of Alexandria, the Coptic Orthodox Church, the Pompey's Column, many old citadels and coptic churches around. To travel to this unique place and wander around the streets of the city-museum, we advise you to take the Tour from Cairo to Alexandria and visit the top sights in one day.

‍Interesting facts about Cairo

To fuel your interest in visiting Cairo, here are some interesting facts for you:

  • Cairo is growing unusually fast, so residential areas are located just 200 meters from the famous Sphinx;

  • Until Cairo began to be called Cairo, the city changed two names: Egyptian Babylon and Fustat;

  • The Egyptians call Cairo Masr, and they also call Egypt Masr. It so happened, so we just accept this fact;

  • In ancient Egypt, medicine was well developed, especially surgery.

  • Egyptian pharaohs were not distinguished by good physical fitness, so do not believe the Egyptian frescoes.


The city of Cairo is an amazing place that skillfully combines ancient Islamic and Coptic traditions, the colorit of Africa and the amazing new world of the East. You can explore Cairo endlessly: citadels, mosques, the best restaurants, parks, unique nature, deserts, ancient cities. Even the most sophisticated guests will not be able to resist the endless vacation possibilities of Cairo. We are sure that Egypt and Cairo will be a unique experience for you. Feel free to write to our chat, and we will select the best city guide to make your vacation in Africa magnificent.