Sorrento (or Surriento as the local inhabitants call their town) is located on the Southern part of the Bay of Naples in Italy. Stunning sea views, beautiful cliffs that rise 55 meters above the sea, lemon and orange trees, outstanding architecture, and delicious meals: those above-mentioned points create a picture of Sorrento, Italy. However, taking a tour around the town or its surroundings will allow you to make even more discoveries and familiarize yourself better with this part of the country.

Sorrento had different periods in its history that influenced local traditions and architecture as it was under control of Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Spanish and French. At some point, the region was also under the law of the Turks. You will see the traits of all of those cultures in local buildings and temples. With all those and many other attractions, a lot of tourists visit this Italian town every year. If you want to learn more about Sorrento and plan your future trip there, read this traveler's guide as it will allow you to find out which places to visit first there.

1. Visit the Town’s Center and Old Town

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Most tourists choose to start their trip from the center of a city or a town when they come there for the first time. It is a good tradition as the town center has a lot of things to "tell" visitors as it is connected to most of the historical period of a particular site. When you come to this part of Italy, which is located in the Bay of Naples, the first thing you could do is go to the very heart of Sorrento and admire the Old Town, which still hides a lot of secrets carried by the town through centuries. 

Piazza Tasso is the central part of the town, with a lot of beautiful churches that you will admire for hours. One of the best parts of going to this part of the coast is that you don’t even need to think about transportation. You can simply stroll around the streets and learn more about the history of Italy and this particular region.

The Old Town district provides you with an abundance of historical buildings that literally surround tourists in this part of Sorento. From here, you can start exploring the neighboring spots that are also full of attractions that many of those who come to Italy want to see.

2. Admire the Two Main Harbors of Sorrento

Those who travel to this part of Italy are mostly attracted by the stunning views and the opportunity to see how architecture and other manmade things neighbor the natural landmarks. When going to Marina Grande and Marina Piccola, you will see those low-rise houses that are located close to the water and small boats moored there. One of the advantages of going there is the opportunity to not only enjoy Marina Grande or Marina Piccola, but also take a trip on a boat by hiring one of them for a moderate price.

The low-rise houses offer a lot of restaurants that you will definitely like, as apart from the local cuisine that will be covered slightly below this article, you will be able to enjoy stunning views that will leave indelible impressions even if you are a seasoned traveler. This part of the city attracts many tourists who come here to find peace of mind or even some inspiration.

If you have previously visited Piazza Tasso, you can take a road down to Marina Piccola to leave the commercial hub and enjoy the magnificent view of the harbor with lots of tourist boats. This is also a great starting point for those who want to visit Capri. 

3. Make a Stop to Taste Pasta


If you ask someone, even those who have never been to Italy, about the most famous Italian meal, they will definitely name pizza and pasta. Those who visit this part of Italy have a unique opportunity to taste pasta, made from potatoes. Moreover, if you join a special 2.5-hour pasta tour, you will be able to learn how to see the difference between three of the most famous sorts of local Italian wine. While the gnocchi cooking tour is in Naples, you will spend great hours on the road by admiring local landscapes. 

A local pasta tour is a great opportunity to learn how to make pasta from simple ingredients. The chef will guide you through the whole process, from making flour to cooking pasta and preparing a special sauce. With this tour, you will be able to become a chef for two and a half hours and cook your own gnocchi, as well as taste the most delicious sorts of local wine.

4. From Sorrento to Amalfi Coast

Boat trips that you take during your holiday are something that you are unlikely to forget, especially when it comes to the Coast of Sorrento and the Coast of Amalfi. The classic Sorrento boat will take you on a romantic cruise, which is a great opportunity to look at the town from a different angle. Moreover, visitors will have an opportunity to enjoy the Amalfi Coast, which is famous for the iconic towns of Amalfi and Positano.

The 9-hour cruise will take you to some picturesque places in Italy where you can learn more about local traditions and admire authentic architecture and natural landscapes. Apart from Marina Grande, a local fishing village, you will also be able to see Li Galli Island, Nerano, Fiordo di Europe, and the jewel of the Amalfi Coast, Positano, for its winding streets, pottery, and a lot of small and cute shops.

5. Explore the Amalfi Coast

amalfi coast.jpg

Amalfi strikes visitors with its virgin natural beauties and the views that one can enjoy once they step on the coastal ground. If you choose a special 5-hour Amalfi Coast tour, you will have to make about a 5 miles (8 kilometer) trip along a cliff, which is full of new discoveries and interesting sites. 

During the tour, visitors will admire the ruins of ancient farmhouses and other buildings in Amalfi. They will meet shepherds transporting wood and milk on mules. The stunning scenery around you will catch your eye, especially when you see lemon trees, vineyards, and canyons in the distance. Keep in mind that it is better to start this trip when the weather is good and clear, as only these conditions will allow you to admire the surroundings entirely. 

The trip passes through Fornillo Beach, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy tasteful meals in a restaurant with a superb sea view. 

6. Visit a Gorgeous Park of Sorrento

park of Sorrento.jpg

Back to Sorrento, there are still a lot of fun things to do there at any time. If you want to have some coolness, you should definitely visit the famous Villa Comunale di Sorrento, which is one of the most beautiful parks in Italy. By strolling through the park, visitors will have an opportunity to enjoy flowers and trees, as well as stunning views of the Gulf of Naples and Vesuvius. The villa terrace hosts multiple concerts and various performances.

7. Observe Sorrento from the Height

Parasailing is one of those attractions that offers unbelievable emotions and breathtaking moments. Simply imagine you are flying over the sea and observing the Gulf of Naples and Sorrento Coast. You will see vineyards, lemon trees, palms, cliffs, and all those other great things that are presented in abundance in this part of Italy. One of the benefits of joining this 2-hour tour is that there is no need to have any previous experience or background in parasailing. You will be guided by qualified professionals and briefed on all safety measures and procedures.

Once the tour is over, you will have the opportunity to swim in one of the bays along the coast and enjoy meals in local Italian restaurants. 

8. Visit Famous Cathedral of Sorrento

cathedral of sorrento.jpg

The Duomo di Sorrento (this is the real name of the cathedral) was built in the 11th century (and reconstructed in the 15th century). This was a kind of headquarters for local bishops. The impressive building is worth seeing from both sides. From the outside, you will see its amazing architecture, while from the inside, visitors will enjoy the marvelous works of Nicola Malinonico. 

The cathedral attracts many history and architecture enthusiasts who come here to admire the exterior and interior of the building, as well as to touch the stones and feel this connection with long-gone generations. 

9. Go to Capri

The island of Capri is one of those places where you should go if you have enough time in Sorrento. To reach it, you can take a ferry from Marina Piccola and make a trip on one of those modern ferries that are available every half an hour. 

By using the ferry, you will arrive at Capri’s Marina Grande, from where you can explore the island. Visitors often start with a boat trip to Blue Grotto to admire the beautiful coastal scenery of this Italian region. 

Capri offers a lot of attractions for both nature fans and those who are looking for some adventures. Moreover, even shoppers will have some interesting places to visit when they have a stop at Anacapri. When visiting Capri, tourists will also taste a lot of local meals, including "la gelato," the famous ice-cream, which is one of the most delicious desserts in the region.

10. Relax on Local Beaches

sorrento beaches.jpg

Back from Capri to Sorrento, take a rest from those fruitful tours and spend some time on a beach. This part of Italy is famous for its magnificent beaches, which attract both local inhabitants and tourists. With a great number of magnificent beaches in this part of Italy, it may be a tough challenge for visitors to choose which one to enjoy first.

You can start with marinas or Regina Giovanna. However, those are not the only options for you to choose from. If you are looking for some family-friendly places, you can go to Puolo Beach, which offers great scenery, a lot of water attractions, and restaurants that are close to the water so that you can have a seamless experience without the necessity to go back to town.

Nerano Beach is another opportunity for visitors to enjoy vast spaces and magnificent seashore nature. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste local delicious meals.

11. Visit Herculaneum

Herculaneum is an old Roman city that was destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. Thanks to a thick layer of lava from the erupted volcano, the city of Herculaneum was preserved for centuries, allowing visitors to enjoy the walls of the ancient city that kept their original appearance. Time stopped there at the very moment when lava filled the streets of Herculaneum. Therefore, you have a unique opportunity to dive into the atmosphere of an ancient Roman city during a 3-hour tour. Herculaneum is included in the list of UNESCO Heritage Sites, which makes it an attractive place to visit.

12. Go Back in Time with the Ruins of Pompeii


After admiring the walls of Heracleum, you should definitely go to Pompeii, another city that was destroyed by the volcano. The history of Pompeii is full of tragedy, as most of its inhabitants—nobles, plebs, and even slaves died there. Nowadays, Pompeii is a kind of open-air museum, which allows visitors to touch the history and find themselves on those streets where Pompeii inhabitants were going about their businesses before the eruption of Vesuvius.

Visitors can enjoy this place on their own or be a part of a group that is guided by a professional archaeologist to find out more about this particular place, its history, and the final hours of Pompeii.

13. The Cathedral of Sorrento

Back to Sorrento, there are some more interesting places to visit and admire. Stop by the local 15th century cathedral that has changed its appearance and interior several times. The Cathedral of San FIlippo and San Giacomo boasts a mixture of styles with its 12th century bell tower and Renaissance doors. As for the interior, it was also redesigned several times, with traces of different ages on its walls. 

14. Taste Limoncello

Italy is famous for its delicious meals and excellent drinks. Taking into consideration the vast spaces that are occupied by lemon trees, the locals have invented a special drink that is made from lemon peels, alcohol, and sugar. When in Sorrento, visitors will have a lot of opportunities to try this iconic beverage, including that coming from the Limoncello Liminoro di Sorento factory.

15. Go Shopping in Sorrento

shoppping in sorrento.jpg

Corso Italia is one of those streets in Sorrento, where one can find a lot of stores where they can do shopping and purchase some souvenirs to take with them later. Apart from shopping opportunities, this street is great for strolling at night, right before the sunset.

Ready to Spend Some Time in Sorrento? Enjoy Your Best Vacations There

While Sorrento is a relatively small city, there are plenty of great things to do there. The town is full of attractions and picturesque places that will never erase from your memory once seen. Apart from going to Sorrento, you will also have the opportunity to explore the coastline and some famous cities like Pompeii, Herculaneum, and others.