Egypt is one of the most visited countries in the world. Numerous guests are attracted here by the mysterious and unique spirit of the oldest civilization in the history of mankind. Egypt is open for holidays all year round. Usually, holidays in Egypt include the magnificent Hurghada, the popular Sharm el-Sheikh, El Gouna, which is called the Egyptian Venice, Safaga climatic health resort, and Makadi Bay. On the Red Sea, the coast of Egypt are lots of surfers and divers: some catch a wave, and others dive to admire the coral.

Egypt is a country of unique natural beauty, endless deserts, and fabulous mirages. The swimming season here lasts all year round, and the peace reeks from the endless sandy beaches. Moreover, tourists are amazed by the opportunity to plunge into the history of thousands of years, visit the famous pyramids, and gaze at the time-corrupted immortal face of the Sphinx. All of this makes this country the best destination for a vacation. In Egypt, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of the underwater world of the Red Sea. There are coral reefs observing, fishing, scuba diving, and submarine diving. Daredevils and lovers of oriental exotics will certainly appreciate the jeep safari and dinner with Bedouins.

Weather in Egypt

The weather in Egypt is the main reason for the attractiveness of Egypt as a resort country. There are more sunny days here than anywhere else in the world. Hot and dry summers, mild winters, and humid air characterize Egypt's climate as tropical and subtropical. There are only two seasons in Egypt — the heat from April to October and the chill from November to the end of March. In particular, the hot period is from July to October, when the average daily temperature is +25 in the north and +34 in the south. In this case, the farther away the region from the coast is deep into the Egyptian deserts, the drier the air, the higher the average temperature, and, finally, the greater the daily variations: from 0 at night to +40 during the day.

The best time to visit Egypt is October.

A trip to Egypt in the winter months is best to make along the Red Sea coast, where the water warms up to +21 and the air to +25 during this time. It would be nice if you had some warm clothes for evening walks. In September or May, it is better to go to Cairo. In these months, it is quite comfortable, but from December to May in Cairo, it is cloudy and rainy, and in the summer, there is a lot of heat. As for the bathing season in Egypt, it is open all year round because the sea, even in winter, the temperature does not drop below +20. Year-round winds are one of the climatic features of Egypt: in the spring months, the desert blows "hasmin" — a hot wind, bringing the sand. The air heats up to +45, and the humidity decreases. But you should not be afraid of sandstorms! The resorts of the Red Sea coast are reliably protected from it by mountains.

January in Egypt

January is one of the unlucky months of the year to visit Egypt. The temperature may drop to +17 during the day. Tourists prefer swimming in the pool. It gets dark at 5 p.m. You may be wondering why we need to visit Egypt this month. The beaches are spacious, hotels and flights are cheaper, and the sun and "all-inclusive" are in place all month.

February in Egypt

In February it's still summer on the thermometer — it ranges from 16 to 25, but the Egyptians are not fooled: they proclaim this month the coldest. All because the wind blows, the sea storms, the nights are cool, and the temperature can drop to +10. Egyptian cities are covered with sand, and vacations during this period are only for those who are not afraid of the wind and are willing to spend a little more time and effort to find a hotel.

March in Egypt

In March, especially in the first half, the wind still blows, and the weather is very variable: the temperature jumps from +18 to +26, and sometimes it can rain. In short, March in Egypt is like in Europe — it is the continuation of winter. The Red Sea has not yet had time to warm up and freezes at around +22. Swimming is not very comfortable, the more so that on the coast there are such rare Egypt waves, even surfing competitions are held. The list of "winter" hotels from the section above for March is still relevant!

April in Egypt

In April, summer gradually enters its right: you can start swimming (+23 in the water) without being afraid of the wind. Be sure to put sunscreen in your suitcase when the day reaches +30. The closer it gets to May, the ideal month for vacation, the better the weather.

May in Egypt

The holiday season in Egypt begins in the early days of May, but if you can't stand the heat, it is better to visit the country before the last days of the month. The conditions are excellent: the temperature is +30 on the coast, and the water in the sea is getting warmer every day (+26 at its peak). True, the prices in May may be too high: Europeans have a long vacation, and hotels know that they will not be empty, so they raise the prices (so book in advance).

June in Egypt

In June, air conditioning in the room is a must in the hotel search engine. The air in Hurghada and Sharm-el-Sheikh warms up to +32, the weather is dry and hot, and the beach season is in full swing. Tourists spend days at sea, the water temperature is +26. A couple of trips out on excursions allow you not to get bored.

July in Egypt

In July comes the scorcher, when even the sea can't save you. One of the two hottest months of the year begins. The thermometer jumps up to +40 at the sea resorts. Many people find it uncomfortable. July is not the best time to look at the pyramids and go on excursions: in Cairo and the desert areas, it's 60 degrees Celsius. The only advice if you come to Egypt in summer is to choose a hotel with a pool and good air conditioning.

August in Egypt

The weather is not much different in August than in July. Even the locals are exhausted from the heat. At least choose the resort of Dahab; the fresh wind blows in here, making it easier to endure the heat.

September in Egypt

Autumn in Egypt is hot, especially in September. The average temperature is about +36 degrees. But in the second half of the month, sunbathing is the best, and the sea is great to bathe in. Also, September is a good month to go on excursions.

October in Egypt

In October, the beach season in Egypt continues: the day warms up to +30, and drops to +25 in the evening. October is loved by European tourists. The wind on the coast blows, but it is warm. In general, October is the beginning of the shoulder season, for which tourists are waiting so much.

November in Egypt

November is the official beginning of the cold season. Locals wrap themselves in jackets and make fun of holidaymakers in T-shirts and shorts. But who else should laugh at who: it's from +23 to +26 outside. The sea is also +26. The weather is consistently sunny, but the wind can ruin the pleasure.

December in Egypt

December is still warm in Egypt. It is not a heat-in-the-air to +25, the sea has not yet had time to cool. Very rarely, it may rain for a short time, but the wind begins to blow. This is the off-season, but prices for holidays closer to the end of the month go up; a lot of people want to celebrate the New Year in Egypt. So if you go on vacation in December, it is better to do it in the first half of the month (and the weather will be better).

When is it cheaper to visit Egypt?

When the rush for the May and New Year's holidays ends, you have the opportunity to go to Egypt cheaper. Summer and winter are equally cheap, but it's better to go in the colder months than in the hotter ones when you can't get out of the hotel. If you are tired of the grayness of the European winter, if you want peace and a warm sea with beautiful fish, Egypt will not disappoint you.

Diving season in Egypt

In Egypt, you may dive all year round. In February, the water temperature can drop to 22 degrees Celsius. The warmest water, but also the hottest air, is in the summer months of June to August, when the water reaches 30 degrees Celsius. Daytime temperatures during this time tend to stay around 45 degrees Celsius, which can affect your desire to travel during this hot season. The best time of year for diving in the Red Sea is in October and November and the period from March to May when the water temperature is quite comfortable. The visibility during this time is 20 to 30 meters, which allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of the underwater world and its inhabitants.

Beach season in Egypt

The swimming season in Egypt does not stop during the whole year. Even in winter, Egyptian resorts continue to welcome tourists with warmth and sunshine. However, if you look closely, you will notice that Egyptian resorts have high and low tourist seasons. It is believed that the most favorable time for a beach holiday in autumn. At this time in Egypt, it is not too hot but comfortable for sunbathing and swimming. In winter, a full beach holiday is also possible, but do not forget about the offshore winds, which can spoil the mood in some resorts.