Mauritius, consisting of a group of islands, is a republic in the Indian Ocean and on the southeastern coast of Africa. The islands of Mauritius have a population of 1,265,000 people, spread over 2,040 sq km. Islands have rivers, volcanoes, and waterfalls surrounding the islands from different sides.

The capital city is called Port Louis. 147.066 people live in Port Louis, named after King Louis XV. There are 16 ports in Port Louis and a lovely market that you can visit in August when you can take a boat tour. Port Louis has many things to see, like ancient French buildings, and is the most important port in the place.

9 out of 10 residents of Mauritius know how to read and write. Mauritius is also the most peaceful country in South Africa.

When you travel to Mauritius, you can see 2 UNESCO Heritage Sites: Aapravasi Ghat and Le Morne Cultural Landscape. We also recommend stopping by Cape Town. Cape Town is one of the capital cities of South Africa. It is known for its tailor-made wine and Bo-Kaap, a gem of Cape Town with the famous port.

The number of flights in the country of Mauritius keeps increasing with every year. In 1999, when the first flights happened in Mauritius, the total number of tourists traveling to Mauritius was 1,568,979, and now it handles 3,884,056 flights, with 197,175 domestic and 3,686,624 international flights each year.

Mauritius is the best place in South Africa to travel with your family. A family with children will find it comfortable here. As a family-friendly place, Mauritius offers a spa, active sports, and other things to do both for parents and their children.

Another piece of advice when choosing the season for your trip here and in other parts of South Africa is to read the information about visa requirements. We recommend having a list of the phone numbers you would like to contact if you need anything. The list of the contact numbers can include the phone number of the embassy in your country. Manage it before your flights to and from the location. Hiring a guide will help you avoid being lost.

Best time to visit Mauritius

Our travel advice would be to avoid traveling from January to March. These months have the most precipitation, the coldest weather, and cyclones.

Interestingly, Mauritius has the warmest winters and the coldest summers. Summer in Mauritius begins in November and ends in April, and winter takes the other months. Days from April to June (by the way, April is suitable for every kind of activity) and from September to December have the best weather for you to visit Mauritius.

Both seasons can suit you. In winter, Mauritius has a pleasant and mild climate, and you can spend the best time walking around the island or doing sports. Summer in Mauritius is ideal for those who do not like dealing with crowds of tourists and want to go to the seashore or explore the island themselves or with a guide.

Climate in Mauritius

Mauritius has a mild tropical climate with dry winters and humid summers. There is no significant difference in the weather in the seasons: it's 16–25°C from June to August and 22–30°C from December to February. The weather in spring is usually 20–29°C, and autumn in Mauritius has 17–29°C.

January and February have the hottest weather in winter (26-30°C on average), and July and August have the coldest weather (around 18–23°C). Do you know one interesting fact about June? June marks the beginning of the cold season in Mauritius. June has 18–26°C. October and May are transition months. Same as May, October has 19–26°C.

Days in the central area of Mauritius feel 3-5°C warmer than on the coast. The Black River on the western side of Mauritius has the coldest climate in the country. The difference, though, is 1-2°C.

Mauritius has the most rainfall in January-February (100mm) and the lowest rate in July-October (40mm). September has the least amount of rain (20mm) compared to other months. In September, you can surf and celebrate Père Laval Feast Day (9th of September). From November to April, you get some rain and a lot of sun.

In West Mauritius, November and December have approximately 8 hours of sunshine. November is the sunniest month in the North (8h), East (7,4h), South (8,8h), and Central (8h) regions.

Our advice would be to travel from April to December to avoid the cyclone on the island. Now, read about the best activities and seasons to travel around. Don’t pass by Port Louis, the capital city, when you visit Mauritius in October and other months.

Port Louis

The best time to swim with dolphins

La Preneuse is a popular tourist spot on the island. You can swim with dolphins at this time of the year and have close contact with them.

La Preneuse has two different species of dolphins to contact: kind and intelligent bottlenose and playful spinner dolphins. From May to October, they come in the morning to play. From November to April, you can see them as early as 6 a.m. Dolphin watching is available year round in Mauritius.

The best time for extreme activities

If you are a sports enthusiast, visit Mauritius from May to September. Water sports are a big hit with the tourists (the Indian Ocean expects 26–29°C). Some popular activities in Mauritius are surfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing. We recommend heading to the west coast. The East Coast feels comfortable in the first month of summer, and the rest of the time is windy and cold.

You can jump in tandem from an airplane or hike. There are relaxing options too. Explore Mauritius by seaplane! You will travel from Grand Gaube to L’ile aux Cerfs, a picturesque island in Mauritius, and appreciate the Indian Ocean from above. One of our travel guides will be there for you all the time.


The best time to visit protected areas of nature

Mauritius has a rich national heritage all year round. Recently, tourists were a danger to the nature of Mauritius. Mauritius government organizations (e.g., the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation) saved some threatened species, included in guides of preserved creatures.

Black River Gorges national park has its own chapter in many travel guides of local scenic places, with 67 sq km of nature, waterfalls, mountain ranges, and wildlife. One other park from these guides is Islets Park, made of eight small islands and free of charge to enter.

If Mauritius is not your final destination in Africa, you can go from the East to the West for Kruger National Park, the best park in South Africa. The Kruger National Park is home to 500 species of birds, 147 mammal species, 114 reptile species, and more. If you want something else, go to the Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire, the highest local mountain in Mauritius.

Black River Gorges National Park

The best time to visit beaches

There are many beautiful seashores in Mauritius, suitable for those who come alone, with friends or family. A list of beaches to choose from is large.

The best beaches of the Indian Ocean are Grand Bay in the North of Mauritius, Flic en Flac (known as Free and Flat Land) in the West, Riambel in the South, and Belle Mare and Blue Bay Beaches in the East. If you arrive with your family, go to the family-friendly beaches. The coasts that are great for every family with kids are Mont Choisy and Le Morne near the village if the children or other family members would like to have a walk around the island.

Flic en Flac in Mauritius is perfect in August if you want to rent a boat for the best time on the water. Renting a boat in Port Louis in August is also an option. Spend a great day enjoying temples, museums, and blinding night lights in Mauritius.

If you go to the Blue Beach, expect 24–30°C in February and 20–24°C in July. It has a breathtaking landscape all the time. Make sure you don’t pass the Hollander’s Tower, Mahebourg market, and Nativ Lodge—the main highlights included in all the best travel guides you may check for your journey to Mauritius.

Spending the honeymoon in Mauritius

Many newly married couples choose to spend their honeymoon in Mauritius. Why? There are many things to do together during the last few days of your trip: shopping, air balloon flights, and walking around the islands. Mauritius also has a great romantic atmosphere and is one of the best places to travel for your honeymoon. Its scenic landscape is wondrous for the first photos of the just-created family. After all, visit Mauritius because this is the number-one travel destination in the Indian Ocean in all the popular tourist manuals.

One popular thing to do when visiting Mauritius before your honeymoon is an underwater wedding—for those who love extreme emotions! It will not suit everybody, but if it is your dream wedding, Mauritius has the best offers for the honeymoon for the newly created family.

During your honeymoon in Mauritius, you can also take a trip to Africa, explore islands with a travel guide, and spend time with your family if they decide on joining you on or after your honeymoon. Our advice is to do unusual things in Mauritius and invent a tour program to get a tailor-made experience.

Events in Mauritius

Mauritius has a strong international community.Mauritius celebrates world-known holidays like Christmas, but if you want to experience something unique in Mauritius, you can attend the local celebrations highlighting the Mauritius national heritage and culture.

The most important festival is the National Day of Mauritius. In 1968, Mauritius became independent, and in 1992 it became a republic. To celebrate their pride, the citizens of Mauritius organize great parades and musical concerts around the place for free. Fairs with tailor-made goods are also a thing!

There are some other options and festive days too. Please, contact your local trip consultant to get a piece of advice and make memorable plans for the days by the ocean.

Flag of Mauritius

Walk of Fire and Thaipoosam Cavadee in winter

The people of Mauritius organize a Walk of Fire in December or February. For ten days, people walk barefoot on hot coals and then makes them washed out with milk to reduce the pain. This process symbolizes purification of the soul and body when you let your worries go free, and you can let all your negative emotions in February go.

Don’t miss the ten days of Thaipoosam Cavadee (18th of January). Thaipoosam Cavadee glorifies Lord Murugan and is celebrated in Mauritius by the followers with fasting, prayers, and special rituals (e.g., carrying idols to the temple).

Wellness Festival in spring

The Wellness festival in May is a great wellness and well-being educational program in Mauritius. You will be practicing mind-body connection and unity with nature, expressing your feelings and thoughts through art, and learning about personal development, which will be helpful in the coming summer and make you feel great, healthy and free.

Kaz' Out festival in autumn

Music is one thing that unites people around the world in Mauritius. The Kaz'Out festival, with free entrance, is held on the 5th and 6th of November, the same as many international conferences in November. It is a chance to diversify your trip.

Mauritius national celebrations are the best opportunity to taste the local cuisine. Mauritius's cuisine is a mix of international cuisines. One popular dish is Bol Renverse, a "magic bowl" of rice and vegetables. Residents of Mauritius also make gato pima fried balls and chili bites. These are street foods, and if you want to try more, book the best tour to try the main dishes of the Mauritian kitchen at once! Do not worry about getting lost: our professional travel guide will walk you through the food concessions.

Other fall events are Ghoon (September), a Muslim festival, and the Pilgrimage to Father Jacques Desire Laval (8th of September). The second event anthemises a French Roman Catholic priest who helped ill and needy people and children here.

Whichever part of Mauritius you decide to visit, it will be a lovely vacation. To read more, book your experience on our website so you may enjoy your time in the Republic of Mauritius!