Seychelles is a true paradise on Earth and a tropical resort located off the eastern shores of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Seychelles is one of the prestigious beach tourism destinations, a place that will be appreciated not only by sunbathers but also by fans of outdoor activities. The unique beauty of Seychelles resorts attracts tourists from all over the world, who would be happy to spend their long-awaited vacation in Seychelles — a paradise island. Traveling here is a best memory for a lifetime!

Weather in Seychelles

Let’s find the best time for your traveling! Seychelles is located away from the passage of cyclones therefore it is considered one of the safest and most favorable islands for rest throughout the year. The tropical climate changes the wet to dry season without significant fluctuations in temperature, and the average humidity on the islands rarely drops below 80%.

The seasons in the Seychelles are not as distinct as in the Maldives. The rainy season here runs from December to April. It rains often, but not for long. The wettest months are January and February, with the most rainfall in the mountainous landscapes of Mahe and Silhouette islands. With northwestern monsoon winds blowing, the temperature reaches +30 °C. Therefore, it is better not to go to Seychelles in winter. Nevertheless, you can take a chance if you are not a big fan of walking in the jungle or going on excursions to see nature. There may be rain in the mountains, but there is sunshine on the beach. All other times of the year — spring, summer, and fall — Seychelles is a great vacation!

From June to October, Seychelles has a dry season. It is still rainy, but the humidity level goes down. The average temperature is +25 °C. The southeasterly winds are the echo of the Indian summer monsoon. The sea can be rough during this period. The driest months are July and August. The months between the dry and wet seasons, May and October, are ideal times for vacations in Seychelles. It has pleasant temperatures, calm seas, light winds, and short periods of rain. In May, millions of birds congregate on the Bird and Cousin Islands.

The best time to visit Seychelles is from December to May.

sey1.jpgResorts of Seychelles

Luxurious resorts are the main reason for traveling to Seychelles

The capital, Victoria, is located on the island of Mahe. In fact, it is the only city in Seychelles with cozy streets and colonial architecture. All the sights — from a miniature Big Ben to a neat, toy-like St. Paul's Cathedral — are located in the center. The best hotels are located on the beachfront, and the modest 2-bedroom apartments are waiting for visitors a bit further afield.


Mahe is the central and largest island in Seychelles, home to the international airport and the capital city of Victoria. The city of Victoria itself is a small replica of London (after all, Seychelles used to be a British colony) and thus competes with Malé, the capital of the Maldives, for the title of the smallest capital in the world. Even though Mahe is a lively island, its west side is very quiet and this is where the most prestigious and expensive hotels are located. Mahe also has a nature reserve — Morne Seychellois National Park, in the middle of which is the highest mountain in Seychelles — The Morne Blanc (height: 907 meters). Among other things, Mahe has tea plantations — a legacy of the British. Isn't it almost the ideal island for a vacation, with both beach and activity?


Praslin is considered an island of love because travelers love to celebrate weddings here. The beaches here are as beautiful as on Mahe, but Praslin is quieter. At the same time, in small towns, you can find vibrant nightlife, bars, and discos. Also, Praslin is a choice for divers who dream of exploring the underwater world in the local seas. So if you also dream of diving, be sure to include Praslin Island in your Seychelles itinerary. The best time to visit this island is winter.

La Digue

La Digue is the smallest among the granite islands, and yet it has the biggest rocks. If we keep comparing the islands and call Mahe an island city and Praslin a small town, then La Digue is undoubtedly a village. A cozy and fantastically beautiful village! This is the best place to escape from daily problems, live among the tropical beauty, and relax on the white beaches. There are its own attractions, such as Eagle's Nest Mountain and Union Estate Park. By the way, it will be important for thrifty travelers to know that on the island of La Digue, hotel prices are much lower compared to other islands in Seychelles.

sey2.jpgSeychelles beaches

You have to visit Seychelles for its paradise beaches!

All beaches in Seychelles are located in small bays (you'll immediately notice their names in French - anse, which means "bay"). Another feature of beaches in Seychelles is that they are all municipal. So you can come to rest anywhere you want for unlimited time. Umbrellas and sunbeds are free.

The nicest beach in Seychelles is Beau Vallon, which is located 3 km from Victoria. It is protected from the waves by a reef, for the most daring divers equipped with a platform. Families with children will love it: the entrance to the water is smooth, there are no currents or sharp coral, and lifeguards are on duty on shore. Bars, stores, amenities, and entertainment are all as befits a luxury resort. Secluded bays dot Mahe's west coast: you can't swim everywhere, but the scenery is spectacular. The best place for a holiday with the kids is Port Lone, with sand as fine as flour, a safe bottom, and granite rocks, shielded from the waves and wind. It's not crowded in the south, either, where snorkelers and kayakers flock.

The most famous recreational area on Praslin is Anse Lazio. It's quiet on weekdays, but the coast is overrun by locals at weekends. You can also have a good time on the popular Côte d'Or and get lost in the east of Anse Consolation. The most impressive panoramas on La Digue are from the bay of Sours d'Argent: giant granite rocks scattered along the coast, glistening in the pre-dusk sunlight. The remote beaches of Anse Coco, Petite Anse and Grand Anse, covered in pink sand, are also beautiful, but from April to October it is not safe to swim here. The islands of Silhouette, Alphonse, Denise, and Felicite have the best views, diving, and fishing.Visit it if you want to experience a bounty relaxation.

Diving on Seychelles

You have to dive to the ocean depths while visiting Seychelles! Diving here is best: visibility in the crystal clear water reaches 30 meters, and temperatures are very comfortable for diving. But most importantly - the bottom of the Indian Ocean is almost more beautiful than its shores. An abundance of curiosities boggles the eye: some of the 900 species of fish swim by, the polished surface of the snow-white shell sparkles, and the coral of unprecedented color pinches the heel. And the meeting with a turtle, manta ray, or a white shark will be remembered for a lifetime.

Diving at most islands is better from September to October and April to May. Almost all dive sites are located 10-40 minutes from the shore. The most magical place for diving is Aldabra Island, protected by UNESCO. Near La Digue often circles sharks, near the island of Mammal flashes flocks of colorful fish, and on Trofeus Rocks there are tuna and musketeer fish.

sey3.jpgSurfing on Seychelles

The best surfing spots are on Mahe and Praslin. Grand Anse is the most popular beach for boarders in the north-west of Mahe. Other Mahe beaches suitable for surfing are Beau Vallon and Anse Bougainville. In general, the waters of the eastern part of the island are calmer than in the west.

Anse-Lascar beach, on Silhouette Island, is the best place to catch a wave in winter and summer.

The best season for surfing on the west coast is from November to April, as it can be dangerous during the summer months due to too many waves. The most popular surf spot in this region is Anse Lazio beach on Praslin island. In the east, it is more comfortable to tame the board from May to September: at this time, southeasterly winds create the perfect topography of the water surface. Anse Goulette, Belle Ombre, and Anse Attendants are suitable for all levels of surfers. Beau Vallon and Carana Beach are good for beginners. Anse Bougainville, Anse Royale, Barbaron, and Misfit Bay are loved by advanced professionals.

Wedding on Seychelles

Seychelles is the most charming place for a romantic wedding. In Seychelles, ceremonies are held any day except weekends and holidays, in the presence of the registrar and in accordance with the laws of the country.

Any of the 115 paradise islands of the archipelago is the default destination. Given that only a quarter of them are inhabited, it's easy to get married in the Seychelles in an atmosphere of complete and blessed privacy: you, the officiant, and a motley crew of pretty creatures as a crowd of witnesses. However, for fans of a more conservative entourage, it is suggested to hold the marriage ceremony in a hotel ceremony hall, followed by a romantic dinner near the ocean. In general, as a place of ceremony, it usually serves a secluded beach, or a tropical garden with direct access to the beach.

Seychelles reserves

Cousin Island, a nature reserve since 1968, is located 2 km from Praslin Island. It is home to several endangered species and a nesting place for seabirds and turtles. Bird Island can be reached in half an hour by plane from the island of Mahe. The island is known as a haven for about 1.5 million black terns, which live here from May to September. It's also home to the Esmeralda giant tortoise. The island of Curieuse, named after the ship that discovered it in 1768, is known for its large colony of giant tortoises and dense thickets of tropical plants. It is also home to a national marine park. Arid Island is located just 15 km from Praslin. In 1973, it was purchased for the Royal Society for the Protection of Nature by Christopher Cadbury, a British "chocolate" magnate. The island serves as the main "gathering place" for seabirds in the entire region and is home to the world's largest colonies of pink terns, lesser sage grouse, and red-tailed tropical birds. Find time to visit jungles and parks here.

Things to do while traveling to Seychelles

  • Dive into the fascinating underwater world off the coast of Seychelles.

  • Taste the delights of Creole cuisine.

  • Meet giant tortoises at St Anne park.

  • Travel to Moyenne Island and try to find pirate treasure there.

  • Skydive over the turquoise Indian Ocean.

  • Fish for tuna, secretly hoping to catch a blue marlin.