Corfu is a multicultural and wondrous place. All visitors will find their piece of cake on this island in Greece. Corfu welcomes almost half a million visitors yearly. Many tourists come here for sightseeing, while others choose a relaxing beach holiday. In every scenario, the island of Corfu will unquestionably satisfy your needs and wishes. International travelers spend their holidays here, especially those from the South, North America, and France.

There are many things to do on the island of Corfu. If you are a history enthusiast, you will be impressed by the architecture of Corfu Old Town, a remarkable region of Greece. Adrenaline amateurs will appreciate Corfu's popular attractions, including its archaeological museum, as well as a variety of extreme sports on any of the island's mountains or beaches. We'll briefly discuss the top things to do on one of Greece's nicest islands.

So, why should you go to Corfu? There are numerous reasons, ranging from cuisine to entertainment, sports to delicacies. Its rich culture, open-minded people, and views will appeal to you. Now we will go over each specific benefit of having a trip to Corfu.

Taste wine with a sommelier

In Greece, wine is used not just as a beverage. Wine is primarily considered as medicine because of its sterilizing qualities.

Each Corfu region has produced its type of wine for thousands of years, including Macedonia, Epirus, and others. For example, the Zitsa Plateau uses Debina grapes to make wine.

The grapes used to make wine in Greece come in over 300 different kinds. There are four varieties of Greek grapes: international, classic, emerging, and unusual.

No one can overstate the importance of understanding meal pairings. If you know the correct pairings of dishes and beverages, you will get the most pleasure from your dinner. For example, red wine pairs excellently with poultry and veggies. Understanding the relationship between wine, grape, and region will not turn you into a sommelier overnight, but you will learn more while enjoying wine and food as an appetizer. Comparing the flavors and origins of various wine styles on your journey to Corfu is the best opportunity to understand them.

After learning about Greek wine, you can study the legendary cuisine of Corfu.

Get amazed by Corfu culinary receipts

Fresh vegetables, grilled meat, and fish are used in Greek cuisine to produce healthy, delicious dishes. But why is Corfu the best culinary destination?

To begin with, in Corfu you can eat the best dishes of Greece's cuisine, with a wide range of flavors. Most recipes in Corfu are influenced by Italian and Mediterranean traditions.

Focaccia, or Fogatsa

Traditional Corfu dishes are not present in every part of the world. Corfu's calling card is fried beef pieces, or sofrito, and the fried eggplants will also make you crave another portion. Thus, this place will satisfy both fish and meat eaters!

If you have a sweet tooth, Corfu will not disappoint you! You've probably heard of Fogatsa, a sweet and delicious flatbread! Kumquat is a popular delicacy in Greece. Things like healthy kumquat tree fruit covered in roasted honey will drive you insane! Learn everything there is to know about Corfu and Greece's main delicacies-wine, kumquat, and ginger beer-all things at once!

Now that you know everything about food in Corfu and Greece, why not get in touch with water reservoirs while you're there?


Visit the most stunning islands on Earth

Paxos and Antipaxos are both genuine Greek natural treasures.

Small Paxos, about 12 kilometers long, is one of the top 20 most beautiful islands in Corfu and the world. Consider an island that can easily be explored by walking or cycling. Paxos is a great place to get away from the city and take in the breathtaking views of old Corfu.

Paxos has a rocky side, ideal for swimming, and a white sandy beach on the other side, with caves and other things to explore.


Your journey then continues on Antipaxos. Antipaxos is a small, almost uninhabited island in Corfu, located about 3 kilometers from Paxos. Enjoy various views of sea caves around you and choose between Voutoumi, Vrika, and Mesovrika. According to the views of local residents, each of these Greek beaches is ideal for a stay. We recommend purchasing some wine in the vineyards. The best things about this place are the wine and the white beach. Harama is a very popular beach here, as well as Orkos beach.


Paxos and Antipaxos are the two biggest islands in the Ionian Sea. Summer is the best season to visit these islands, because of the pleasant weather and Mediterranean climate.

The islands of Paxos and Antipaxos are true wonders of our world. Buy olive oil, one of the best things on every island, and enjoy your trip to this solitary, magical place.

Sail in the crystal clear waters

If you prefer a more relaxed trip, choose a beach to spend your days on. Canal d Amour is one of the best Greek beaches in Corfu. Rock formations make Canal d'Amour the most romantic location. Canal d'Amour is one of the best places for a summer trip, where you can participate in water sports, rent a boat, or just stroll around.

Go to Parga, a small town in Ephus known for its beautiful natural environment and the best place to go for family vacation activities. The famous Aphrodite's cave is one of Parga's highlights.

A lovely spot to walk around, the cave is a water reservoir to swim in without being burned by the sun or disturbed by tourists, as is prevalent on beaches.

A half-hour car ride will take you from Parga to Sivota town, a popular place on Corfu. Green forests and wild but intriguing terrain... Sivota is a true gem to plan your trip.

The best part of this fantastic tour is stopping in Blue Lagoon on your way to Sivota and Parga. Its exotic waters are ideal for swimming after a day of sightseeing. Make your day unforgettable by seeing all of these things at once!


Renting a boat in Greece could be a great starting point for your journey. You can travel in various directions by boat: Lakka, Paxos, and Antipaxos... On a sunny day, boat cruises are delightful. If you want to create your route, you can rent a boat instead of hiring a guide. Choose between a yacht, sailboat, or other things, and find the boat of your dreams! Turn an ordinary day into an unforgettable experience for you, your family, and friends!

See another natural wonder

Meteora, Corfu's unusually massive rock formations, should be a part of your must-see list!

Meteora formations first appeared around 60 million years ago! Formed by earthquakes in the past, it has 24 monasteries at its peak, but only 6 of them currently accept visitors. Nevertheless, Meteora is one of the biggest Eastern Orthodox church complexes.

Tourists enjoy hiking in Meteora because of the breathtaking views from above (400 meters high).

In the summer, Meteora in Corfu is ideal for hiking, cycling, and other outdoor activities.

If you have the opportunity to visit Meteora, take a private tour at this time of year. You can do it yourself or hire a professional guide who will tell you everything you need to know about Meteora's history and geological features. When you reach the peak of Meteora, you will see Kalambaka from above! You will most likely meet Christians from other countries who have been pilgrims to Meteora since ancient times. They say Meteora is their place of strength in Corfu.


We mentioned the famous Meteora monasteries, but if you're interested in religious things, don't miss Paleokastritsa or la Grotta. This monastery was founded in the 13th century. One specialty of Paleokastritsa Monastery is that it praises Holy Theotokos or Mother of God. In addition to her icon and portrait, Paleokastritsa Monastery houses a Byzantine epoch museum. This museum has several historically significant things on display.

This religious structure is located in the Paleokastritsa village. The word Paleokastritsa translates as "little old fortress." Paleokastritsa is a mythical Corfu location where Odysseus and Nausicaa met.

Vlacherna Monastery, like Paleokastritsa, is a notable religious site in Corfu. You will not find it on Corfu: Vlacherna Monastery is on a small island connected to Corfu by a narrow channel.

Vlacherna Monastery, founded four centuries ago, is notable for its unusual shape and contrasting color.

Spend a day in Kassiopi and its surroundings

Kassiopi, known for its sandy beaches, has a population of around 1200 people, so you can imagine how cozy and small all the things feel here. Residents of Greece, and especially of this village, are always happy to welcome their guests.

Everything is in bloom around the place. Hire a bike, jeep, or anything else from a local service, and enjoy the beauty of the place! A BBQ boat trip to North East Corfu with a stop at Kassiopi village might be the best option.

Kassiopi is a haven for visitors who love the sea in Greece. The beach is easily accessible and peaceful, providing you with the best hours in Corfu.

Kassiopi Village is amazing too. Legends surround ancient structures. After a short walk, you will find Old Perithia, a protected heritage site, and a former pirate lair. Visit Old Perithia, Corfu's oldest living area, and a monument with medieval buildings and other things around.

Some other historical highlights are the Old Town and Corfu Town.

Corfu's Old Town is a medieval historical town that resembles Venice. There are many ancient buildings in Corfu's Old Town. One interesting fact about Old Town is that, like Meteora, this town is considered to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The construction of Corfu's Old Town is quite unusual: an old fortress, as well as a new one, surrounds the city from all sides. This Corfu fortress is worth seeing.

Old Fortress, or church of Saint George

If you don't want to learn about the history of Greece, travel from Corfu's old town to New Corfu Town. Don't miss Liston, a high-demanded ancient colonnade in Corfu town. If you're lucky, you might be able to play cricket on other days in this town.

This is not the only activity available in Corfu Town. Walk the streets that James Bond walked in one of the films, visit Achilleion Palace, and pay attention to the Royal Palace. The Royal Palace is the only museum of Asian art in Corfu and Greece. Other Asian art representatives also have works on display in this museum, and the Royal Palace itself is breathtaking.

The Royal Palace is not the only place you should see. Do not miss Spianada Square in Corfu Town. The largest square in the town and in the country, which has a park and a cricket pitch, is definitely worth a visit when you arrive in Corfu town.

Study the natural environment of Corfu

The natural beauty of Corfu will show you the island from the new side. Corfu has a diverse living environment.

In Corfu, you can find around 6,000 different plant species! The fauna of Corfu's well-protected lands is unique. Don't be scared of the enormous lizards that live on Corfu. Otters live in this environment. Corfu's government looks after them to ensure their survival.

The most common bird species in Corfu are the Woodchat shrike, swift, and white wagtail.

Woodchat shrike

Corfu, as previously stated, is abundant in olive groves. Many local things, such as soap, contain olive oil. Join a walking tour in one of the traditional villages to learn about the stages of soap production.

It's probably time to discover the best tourist attractions in Corfu!

An extreme safari will test your stamina

Corfu is Greece's sports capital. Corfu has something for everyone: parasailing, snorkeling, and scuba diving are just some options.

Climbing in Corfu's mountains will satisfy your thrill-seeking desire. You can start at Mount Pantokrator, Corfu's highest point (906 m).

If this sort of activity seems tough, take a private Jeep tour in Corfu! The tour schedule will include a visit to a hidden Kavourolimni lake. This popular tourist destination in Corfu is also known as Crab Lake. Crab Lake, located a few steps north of Poulades, transforms into the most beautiful place during the spring.

Porto Timoni beach

Stop in Afionas, a beautiful ancient village on the island of Corfu, and Porto Timoni beach. Look around, and you will notice a colorful port with remnants of pirate fortresses. There are few fortresses in this area of Greece.

If walking isn't enough, try cycling

A lifetime is not enough to explore all of Corfu's islands, but you can use a bicycle.

To begin, choose the north of Cyprus to cycle through: the landscape is not as rough in the north of Corfu as it is in the south.

Determine the type of cycle route based on your level of training. Corfu has both flat and twisting roads and uphill and downhill cycling routes.

Finally, if you plan to explore Corfu by bicycle, write down a list of the locations you want to see. Choose, for example, a cycling tour through Chalikounas Beach on the largest island. This is not the only beach where you can cycle. The best location for a cycling tour in the Ionian Islands and most of South Cyprus is Psaras, near the beaches!

All of the activities listed above will show you the best of Corfu in a short time. Tours, tastings, popular extreme sports... You might want to relax, and if you don't want to swim or recover in the spa, we have an idea. Your recovery from intense exercise may be more enjoyable if you turn an ordinary day into a celebration! A boat party in Corfu is the perfect setting for an evening with a DJ, cocktails, and swimming in the sea.

We wish you a wonderful trip to the Greek island of Corfu. Make good memories throughout your stay in Greece!