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Pompeii Walking Tour, Italy

2.5 hours
English, Italian, Spanish

On this 2-hour walking tour of Pompeii, go back in time as you look at the ruins of this ancient city! Explore public baths, private villas, taverns, stores, theaters, and brothels preserved untouched by a volcanic eruption's ashes.


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Pompeii, in Campania, was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. The ashes that covered the city have kept it in great shape for thousands of years. This visit will allow us to appreciate its enchantment. We will visit Pompeii's buildings, businesses, and streets as if we were residents just one day before the cataclysmic eruption of 79 AD. The city's everyday lives unfold in front of us like a time machine.

We'll then proceed to the Pompeian theater, where you can savor the bitter taste of the gladiators' violent clashes, before heading to discover the Pompeians' daily lives (and their food!). Gourmet food could only be eaten at private dinner parties in wealthy homes or banquets by social clubs (collegia) because restaurants only served food for the poor. An elite family's private house (domus) would have a kitchen, a vegetable garden, and trained staff with a chef, a sous chef, and kitchen assistants. We'll take a tour of first-century AD takeaways and see what the domuses of the rich looked like. Finally, we'll rest in the baths before heading to the splendid square of the Civic Forum.

Visit the monuments of the Forum, like the Temple of Apollo and the Temple of the Emperor, as well as the Macellum Market. During our exploration, we will meet Pompeians who died during the terrifying hours when the volcano's ash buried them. The archaeologists had kept these people's bodies in the same state they were in when they died.

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