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Stari Bar Town Walking Tour in Montenegro

2 hours

On the tour, you will visit Stari Bar, also known as Old Bar, a small town that rests on Londša hill and at the foot of Mount Rumija.


  • The archaeological site of Stari Bar
  • Old city gates
  • Chapel of Saint John the Baptist
  • St. George's Cathedral
  • Church of Saint Veneranda


  • Bilingual private guide

Not included:

  • Entrance fee

Surrounded by ancient olive trees, it is a former part of the Byzantine Empire, the Republic of Venice and the Ottoman Empire and an open-air museum that carefully preserves evidence of a turbulent medieval youth. The place of settlement dates back to the 9th century, first mentioned in chronicles as Antibarium. At the archaeological site of Stari Bar, research and restoration works are being held, and you will have a chance to visit a small museum and have a look at mosaic fragments dated 5-6 centuries and pieces of ceramics of 6-8 centuries B.C., as well as murano glass vessels that were found on location by archeologists.

You will stroll through the small alleys and the old streets, brimming with the fragrance of coffee, and your guide will take you around the oldest monuments of architecture that have survived to this day. You will have a look at the city gates and the Citadel, once a formidable defensive structure, and now picturesque ruins. Only ruins remained of several church buildings, including a fragment of St. George's Cathedral, the patron saint of the city. You will get to the Church of Saint Veneranda (the end of the 14th - beginning of the 15th century) and the Church of St. Catherine of the 14th century. On a small square in the central part of Bar, you will see a monument of the Venetian period, the Bishop's Palace of the 15th century. You will also walk to Citadela Fortress that was built by the Turks in the 17th century. The structure consists of 17 spans of various sizes and massive supporting pillars made of rough hewn stone. After a powerful earthquake in 1979, the fortress was restored, remaining the most important monument of the Middle Ages.

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