11-day Ayahuaska Retreat in Peru
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11-day Ayahuaska Retreat in Peru in Iquitos

11 days
English, Russian, Spanish

We offer you traditional Amazon practices of health recovery and self-awareness under the guide of experienced healers (curanderos). We guarantee that a visit to our retreat will not leave you indifferent and will become one of the most memorable events in your life. We will participate in the sacred ceremonies with the world famous hereditary curanderos, explore magic realms of Amazonian plants, learn how to plant Ayahuasca. World famous painter Anderson Debernardi will teach us how to paint our visions and how to read the paintings of Amazonian artists. Bañes de florisimentos, Kambo and San Pedro session are also included into the tour. The retreat takes place in "Kamalampi" campamento. It is a unique place where you can plunge into the world of pristine jungle and forces inhabiting it. Our goal is to give people an opportunity to be alone in the nature in one of the most exotic places on the planet, in one of the wonders of the world - the Amazon jungle. We also take an active part in an independent project in planting the sacred plant Ayahuasca, as well as the preservation of cultural heritage and practices of Amazon shamanism. 


Day 1. Arrival in Iquitos for a short city tour. lunch in Iquitos (paid by yourself). Transfer by private or public boat along the Amazon River to the village of Tamshiyacu, during which you can enjoy the views of the Amazon from the boat. Transfer to campamento "Kamalampi". Excursion to the camp. Accommodation for 2 - 3 people in a bungalow. Presentation of the artist: Anderson Debernardi. Dinner. Cleansing ceremony "Sacred Fire". In the open air, with the reflections of the moon and a fire, we will form collective and personal intentions, the curandero will tell amazing stories from the life of shamans and singing of magical Indian songs - icaros will help the participants to tune in to the harmonious vibrations of the jungle.


Day 2. Yoga practice (acquaintance with the basic theses of yoga, its philosophical and practical context). Lunch. Exploring the jungle plants. Discussion of the upcoming ceremony with the shaman. We will personally communicate with the curandero to get  first-hand knowledge about the traditional use of the plants, the main stages of training healers and basic herbal treatments in the culture of Amazonian shamanism. And also, on this day, we will study the plants for the "banes de florisimentos" ceremony, learn the valuable properties of various types of herbs. Under the guidance of curandero, we will collect useful plants for the ceremony "Banes de Florisimentos". At night we will take part in the colorful ceremony with Ayahuasca (Curandero: Lucho Panduro Bocanegro).


Day 3.Yoga practice. Breakfast. Discussion of the past session with the shaman. Each of the participants share their experience, receive recommendations and instructions from the shaman for the next sessions. We will continue our discussion about the healing effect of using various jungle plants. Spanish lesson. With the help of pens and notepads, we will begin to learn the basics of the Spanish language, learning some simple useful expressions. Introduction to the visionarie art work shop by Anderson Debernardi. Dinner.


 Day 4. Kambo ceremony. Rest, light lunch. Study of plants. Under the guidance of the curandero, we will study plants for specific needs, such as conquering laziness, speaking ability, etc. You can try the amazing properties of some herbs on yourself under the supervision of a shaman. Lecture by Anderson Debernardi — "Brief history about me and Pablo Amaringo and Usko-Ayar Amazonian of painting". Ceremony with Ayahuasca (Curandero: Don Luis Panduro Vasquez).


 Day 5. Yoga practice. Breakfast. On this day, an impromptu local market will be organized on the territory of campamento, where local craftsmen will offer a choice of original items for sale. Rare wood carved pipes, paintings, decorations, musical instruments, etc. Lunch. Workshop of visionarie arts by Anderson Debernardi. Dinner.


Day 6. Very early awakening. (5:00) Light breakfast. Travel along the Amazon River by boat with a guide. On this day, we will embark on an exciting journey along the Amazon River with a guide and translator on a local peke-peke boat equipped with a traditional thatched roof in case of bad weather. Together we will go to various tributaries of the Amazon, enjoy the contemplation of the amazing species of rich flora and fauna. We will cross the Amazon by boat and see the famous whirlpools in the center of this most full-flowing river on the planet. Considering exotic landscapes, we will also make several stops in the ports of small villages, get acquainted with the life of local residents. We will have a lunch during the trip and dinner upon arrival.


 Day 7. Pranayama - its continuous practice will help calm emotions, thoughts, clear consciousness and energy channels. Breakfast. SPA (Mud baths on the beach, banyes de florisimentos, lithotherapy and other additional practices on request). Lecture presentation by Anderson Debernardi — "Shamanism and modern visionarie arts in the Amazon". Ceremony with Ayahuasca (Doña Isabela Pinedo).


Day 8. Yoga practice. Breakfast. Ceremony with the cactus "San Pedro". Night walk in the jungle. Dressed in boots and armed with flashlights, we will go for an exciting walk through the wild jungle. By the light of the moon we will walk the paths of local hunters and try to reveal the secrets of the existence of the inhabitants of the selva (about 2 hours).


 Day 9. Yoga practice. Breakfast. Symbolic planting of banisteriopsis caapi liana. Lunch. Long conversation with curandero regarding upcoming ceremony. Additional practices are optional. Dinner.


 Day 10. Yoga practice. Breakfast. Lecture presentation by Anderson Debernardi — "Imageries and creativity of sacred plants in ancient" (American arts / 6 master plants). Light lunch. Discussion of the upcoming ceremony with the shaman. Summing up the results of the seminar. Ayahuasca ceremony (Curandero: Lucho Panduro Bocanegro).


Day 11. Breakfast. Farewell ceremony. Departure to Iquitos by public or private boat.

Highlights: Ayahuasca ceremony, yoga practice, Pranayama practice, art workshops, "Sacred Fire" ceremony, lectures, "San Pedro" ceremony,Amazon shamanism, Amazon river.

Duration: 11 days and 10 nights. Departure: May 1 - May 11; September 25- October 5; October 16 - October 26. Includes: all activities mentioned in the program, meals according to the program, accommodation in the bungalow, transfer from the Iquitos to the camp and back, curanderos, transportation. Excludes: air tickets to Iquitos (via Lima) from your place, funds for souvenirs. Optional: additional programs ( Yushintayta ayahuaska ceremony, Kambo ceremony, Bañes de Florisimentos ceremony, Lithotherapy).

Cancellation policy: In case of your cancellation less than 1 month before tour starts, 50% of the prepayment of the tour will be withheld. In case of your cancellation less than 14 days before tour starts, 100% of the prepayment of the tour will be withheld.

Please note: You can combine the tour with  Magic of the Mountains 8-day Tour. The tour organizers reserve the right to change the course of the program depending on climatic conditions. We guarantee complete safety for all participants of the retreat. We fully understand the biochemistry of the interaction of MAOIs with various substances, therefore we have developed a special tyramine free diet based on superfoods. After confirming your participation, you will also be sent a memo with dietary and lifestyle recommendations in preparation for the tour. We also protect your privacy, any photo and video filming of people will be prohibited without their personal permission. We guarantee the complete authenticity of the rituals and 100% compliance with the rituals of tradition. 

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