Magic of the Mountains 8-day Tour
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Magic of the Mountains 8-day Tour, Peru

8 days
English, Russian, Spanish

We offer you traditional practices of health recovery and self-awareness under the guide of experienced healers (curanderos) in the mountains of Peru. We will explore the oldest monuments of the Inca Empire: Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo and Sacsayhuaman. We will drive through the Sacred Valley, visit the main attractions of Cusco and plunge into its bright colors, swim in the hot natural thermal springs "Aguas Calientes", explore local markets, taste traditional local tea from coca leaves. The program also includes 2 ceremonies with the sacred cactus of Peru in specially selected locations, led by experienced guides.


Day 1. Gathering in Cusco. Accommodation in hotels 2 * -3 *. A short city tour. During the total time of our stay in Cusco, we will explore its interesting architecture, main monuments and sights, such as: Cathedral of Santo Domingo, Plaza de Armas, etc.


Day 2. Visit to the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art of Peru, where various works of the masters of the Inca Empire are presented: ceramics, jewelry, etc. The exposition is located in 12 rooms. We will continue to investigate the mystery of Inca empire exploring main attractions of the Inca and Catholic times.


Day 3. Wake up early. Departure to a small retreat center, considered one of the most professional in the Cusco area. There we will have an afternoon ceremony with the cactus "San Pedro" and stay overnight in the center, sitting near a fire under the starry sky. Individual rooms can be booked on request.


 Day 4. Departure to Ollantaytambo - this is both an ancient archaeological complex and a cozy village in the mountains with many tourists, restaurants and souvenir shops. We will spend the day exploring the main attractions of Ollantaytambo: Pachacuti Palace, Temple Hill and ancient Inca quarries.


 Day 5. Departure to Aguas Calientes by train. The trip takes 2 hours, the route is considered to be one of the most exciting on the entire planet. The railway is laid among the mountains, which makes the journey to the destination incredibly scenic. Aguas Calientes is a small mountain village with a complex maze-like street system. The main purpose of Aguas Calientes is to accommodate guests visiting Machu Picchu. We will spend the day exploring the only museum in the entire village and bathing in the hot springs after which it was named.


Day 6. Inspection of Machu Picchu - the main attraction of Cusco and all of Peru. Filled with incredible energy, this place became the last camp of the Inca nobility, who fled to the mountains in search of salvation from the Spanish invaders. For many years the existence of Machu Picchu was forgotten until it was "rediscovered" in the 20th century. Machu Picchu is one of the hundred most amazing places on the planet and is a repository of ancient knowledge of the descendants of royal dynasties who lived here. After exploring Machu Picchu, we will return to Ollantaytambo, where we will stay at the hotel.


Day 7. Ceremony with the cactus "San Pedro" and the traditional temazcal bath. We will take a part in the final breathtaking traditional session led by the local curandero-mestizo who was trained by experienced ancestors. Together we will spend a significant part of the time enjoying an authentic colorful ceremony.


 Day 8. Departure from Ollantaytambo to Cusco. Visit of the central market called San Pedro. This is one of the largest and most interesting markets in the world, on its vast territory you can find a wide variety of things, musical instruments, art samples, quality llama wool, household items, souvenirs and gifts for friends and much more. Departure to the airport. The price does not include the cost of air tickets, museums, attractions and monuments of architecture, the temple complex of Machu Picchu, the cost of train tickets on the route.

Highlights: Machu Picchu, Cusco sights, Museum of Pre-Columbian Art of Peru, San Pedro ceremony, Ollantaytambo, Pachacuti Palace, Temple Hill, Inca quarries, Aguas Calientes, San Pedro central market.

Duration: 8 days and 7 nights. Departure: May 11 - May 18; October 5 - October 12: October 26 - November 2. Includes: guides on the route, accommodation in 2 - 3 star hotels, cactus San Pedro ceremonies, traditional temazcal bath. Excludes: meals, air, train and bus tickets on the route, entrance fees to museums, attractions and monuments of architecture and temple complex of Machu Picchu.

Please note: You can combine the tour with an 11-day Ayahuaska Retreat in Peru. The tour organizers reserve the right to change the course of the program depending on climatic conditions. We guarantee complete safety for all participants of the retreat. We fully understand the biochemistry of the interaction of MAOIs with various substances, therefore we have developed a special tyramine free diet based on superfoods. After confirming your participation, you will also be sent a memo with dietary and lifestyle recommendations in preparation for the tour. We also protect your privacy, any photo and video filming of people will be prohibited without their personal permission. We guarantee the complete authenticity of the rituals and 100% compliance with the rituals of tradition. 

Cancellation policy: In case of your cancellation less than 1 month before tour starts, 50% of the prepayment of the tour will be withheld.  In case of your cancellation less than 14 days before tour starts, 100% of the prepayment of the tour will be withheld.

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