Lisbon Sunset Sailing with Glass of Champagne
Photo 1 Lisbon Sunset Sailing with Glass of Champagne
Photo 2 Lisbon Sunset Sailing with Glass of Champagne
Photo 3 Lisbon Sunset Sailing with Glass of Champagne

Lisbon Sunset Sailing with Glass of Champagne, Portugal

2 hours
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Now you can have the perfect end to your day by going into the river Tejo and watching the sunset from a sailing boat. We´ll start in Lisbon and then well head towards the sea, passing under the 25th of April Bridge, with views over the Cristo Rei and Belém. Its the perfect scenery for a magical sunset in the Atlantic, while enjoying some Portuguese sparkling wine.

  • Watching the sunset from a sailing boat

  • The river Tejo, the longest one in the Iberian Peninsula

  • Unforgettable views of Cristo Rei and Belém

  • Мagical sunset in the Atlantic

  • Sailing boat cruise


  • Sailing boat cruise

  • Glass of Champagne (or soft drink)

Please note: Departure time varies according to the time of the year. Exact time to be confirmed after the booking is received (Winter Season around 4 to 6pm; Summer Season around 7 to 9pm).

Tagus is not only the largest river in the Iberian Peninsula, but also an international water artery that unites Spain and Portugal. Such a duet explains the double name of the river. In Spain it is known as Tajo, and in Portugal it is known as Tagus. This highlight is not the only feature of the river, which is called one of the main attractions of Lisbon.

A large number of ancient cities and towns were built on the banks of the river, but they are mostly small. The most populous city on the Tagus River is Lisbon.

Even within the city, the Tagus River boasts crystal clear water.

The inhabitants of Lisbon call the river the Straw Sea, because at sunset its waters turn golden. It is believed that it is during sunset that the river shows its true beauty.

In the bay of Mar de Paglia, from time to time there are high waves, which are affectionately called bailadeiras, which means ballerinas or dancers.

Navigation is possible only in the lower part of the channel, while almost the entire length of the river is hampered by rapids and shallow water.

The April 25 Bridge in Lisbon is one of the twenty longest suspension bridges in the world and at the same time the tallest building in Portugal. In addition, this is one of the most long-awaited bridges in the capital with a difficult history of creation.

People started talking about its construction in the 19th century. Already at the beginning of the 20th century, the need to connect the two banks of the Tagus River by rail was especially urgent - the ferries simply could not cope with the flow of passengers and cargo. However, other projects turned out to be more priority, and the bridge from Lisbon to Almada began to be built only in the 60s. It was opened only in 1966, giving the name of the Prime Minister of Portugal Salazar. The name of the bridge was changed just a few years later, after the Carnation Revolution, which took place on April 25.

Today, the April 25 Bridge in Lisbon is not only one of the most sought after, but also one of the most beautiful - many notice its resemblance to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. And at rush hour, you will have to admire its beauty for quite a long time - traffic jams on this bridge, whose length exceeds 2 km, have long become the talk of the town among Lisbon residents.

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