Night Tour in Porto with Fado Show and Dinner
Photo 1 Night Tour in Porto with Fado Show and Dinner
Photo 2 Night Tour in Porto with Fado Show and Dinner
Photo 3 Night Tour in Porto with Fado Show and Dinner

Night Tour in Porto with Fado Show and Dinner, Portugal

5 hours
English, Spanish, Portuguese
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During this tour, you will be enjoying a night in Porto. Prepare to discover the history behind the city's main monuments as well as the Fado.


  • Enjoy an unforgettable day in Porto

  • Discover the history behind the city's main monuments

  • Enjoy the famous Fado show while savoring the delicious Portuguese specialities


  • A guide

  • Pick-up and drop-off

  • Transfer

  • Fado show

  • Dinner

Please note: minimum age: 12.

Fado - these four letters hide the depth of the Portuguese soul. This musical genre has been transformed from street music, performed by marginalized individuals in cheap taverns, where women earned their living not only by singing, to world recognition and the best concert venues in the world. The most interesting thing lies in how such metamorphoses took place, how this music stepped into secular salons, who is behind this, and who reminded what real fado is.

Before gaining wide popularity, folk music succumbed to the influences of cultural changes and historical events. Until the 19th century, the word fado was not used in relation to the musical genre, the word comes from the Latin fatum, which means fate. The first mention in the Portuguese dictionary of fado as a musical genre appears in the second half of the 19th century, and means: an ordinary poem, of a narrative nature, which tells a real or fictional story with a sad ending, or describes the bad life of a certain class of people, such as the life of a sailor, a nun, etc.

Folk music with a particular rhythm and movement, usually performed on the guitar, overlaying the words of a poem called fado. Another possibility of the origin of just such a name of music is attributed to the fact that these stories tell about fate, as a rule, not easy. The emergence of fado as a musical style began with the moment of urbanization, which occurred in Portugal in the 19th century.

They were united by poverty and the struggle for survival. In this universe of poverty - smuggling, underground games, theft, prostitution - were the main engines of the economy. Taverns and brothels appear, places exclusively for men, women were here only for comfort. In such an atmosphere, folk songs and dances were performed. In the documentary evidence of that era, these establishments were called "Casas de Fado", where the woman who performed the fado was easily accessible. Then fado was not divided into song and dance.

In such an environment, one of the first famous fado performers, Maria Severa, appeared. Documented as the first woman to "sing, play and dance fado". She was a prostitute from Mouraria who may have been born July 26, 1820, and died November 30, 1846. Also, like her mother, she became a prostitute at an early age, but because of her beauty and her gift for playing fado, she quickly became the mistress of Count Vimiosa. He often invited her to aristocratic salons, giving her the opportunity to perform in front of a noble audience.

Thanks to her love affair with the aristocrat of the North, she introduced high society to the music of the streets, thus fado went beyond the boundaries of marginal poor neighborhoods. So fado began to be popular at social events, which gave a new round of development. After her death, she became a legend, books were written about her life, poems were dedicated to her, and even a film was made.

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