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Tsaritsyno Estate in Russia, Moscow

2 hours
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Visit the luxurious residence of Empress Catherine the Great and marvel at the elegance of the architecture.


  • Learn about the history of the country residence of Catherine the Great
  • Familiarize yourself with the work of the great Russian architects Bazhenov and Kazakov
  • Take a stroll through the luxurious park


  • Guide's work

Not included:

  • Visit of palaces and pavilions
  • Entrance fee

Please note: The meeting point is at the gate at entrance 1 to the park. The nearest metro station is "Tsaritsyno". The excursion is conducted only on the territory of the estate, without visiting the palace. After the excursion you can visit the palaces and pavilions on your own. This is an individual excursion. The starting time of the tour is agreed with the guide after booking. The tour will be difficult for children under 10 years old.

There lived a young successful architect Vasily Ivanovich Bazhenov. Once his efforts were seen and appreciated by Empress Catherine II herself and invited him to be the creator of her new country residence in Tsaritsyno.

The project of the estate was grandiose: beautiful pavilions, richly decorated with the décor of various geometric figures with the play of numbers and regularity of decorations, and deceptions were spread on the picturesque terrain.

For 10 whole years Bazhenov tried for the Empress, looking for new money for the big construction, overcoming bureaucracy and family tragedies.

But one day Catherine unexpectedly came with an inspection after 10 years. And she did not like what had been built over the years. Bazhenov was dishonorably dismissed, and instead of him was appointed chief architect his pupil....

The excursion to Tsaritsyno is a fascinating story in search of an answer to the question: what could not please the royal customer?

Perhaps the signs on the buildings are Masonic symbols?

Or maybe they are code-symbols that need to be deciphered?

I invite you to a journey through the mysterious estate of Catherine II, in which she never lived.

Excursion route

Figurative bridge

The first structure of the park of the Catherine era. Right from it the riddles with symbols depicted on it begin: what exactly Bazhenov wanted to say with it? Or maybe there is no sense in these symbols at all?

The First, Second, Third Cavalry Corps

The amazing thing is that the architect's papers have not survived, and we now do not even know what these pavilions were called and what they were intended for. But the decorations on them indicate that they are interconnected.

Bridge over the ravine

The most abundantly decorated object of the estate. On it you can see symbols that can be deciphered, both Masonic and Old Slavic.

Grape gate

Another building with an unknown conventional name. It was used as a deception. On them you can see swallow tails as in the Moscow Kremlin, and geometric figures, the symbolism of which we will unravel on the excursion.

Grand Palace

It was built by the second architect of the estate Matvei Kazakov. For the next 10 years he was engaged in construction after Bazhenov's dismissal. But his creation was not lucky either. The palace remained unfinished because of the death of the Empress.

Bread House

The grandiose kitchen building resembles a palace in its appearance, although it has a completely domestic purpose. And what a lot of symbols and signs there are!

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