10-day Azores Liveaboard Tour
Photo 1 10-day Azores Liveaboard Tour
Photo 2 10-day Azores Liveaboard Tour

10-day Azores Liveaboard Tour, Portugal

10 days

Sailing the Azores archipelago waters, you will have a chance to dive in the most pristine locations. You will get great views, fantastic diving spots and see a variety of marine life, including big pelagics. Full of natural beauty, the Azores region is located in the blue immensity of the Atlantic Ocean.


  • Santa Maria
  • Marina de Vila do Porto
  • The Azores
  • The Dollabarat Reef
  • The Formigas Islets
  • The Baixa do Ambrosio


  • Approximately 15 guided dives
  • 8 days on board
  • 2 days ashore
  • 4 meals per day on board (vegetarian and gluten-free if requested)
  • Wet suits and equipment
  • Accommodation for 8 days and 7 nights liveaboard (cabin for 2)
  • 2 days and 2 nights in a 3-star hotel with breakfast (room for 2)
  • 'Portugal Dive' polo

Please note: duration - 10 days and 9 nights.

Day 1. After you arrive at the Santa Maria Airport, you will proceed to a 4-star hotel. Welcoming you with its warm white sand beaches, Santa Maria will be a great spot to relax and rest after the flight.

Day 2. At Marina de Vila do Porto, you will board a boat, spending the next seven days on it. You will be guaranteed an unforgettable trip, sailing and diving in the crystal-clear waters of the Azores. But first, you will be introduced to the basics of living and diving on board, so the crew will explain everything you need to know.

Day 3-8. Diving will be the main activity, and you will descend up to 15 times, visiting many diving spots and altering the route according to your preference. As soon as you anchor the boat at the Dollabarat Reef, you will see the shallowest part in the calm waters. At a depth of only 5 meters, the local marine life will be in full view. At first, you will dive in the shallowest part, and then explore the surroundings, getting to the depths of 8-10 meters and reaching 20-30 meters.

You will head to the next location, the Formigas Islets, a group of uninhabited rocky islands and one of the least known places in the archipelago. As soon as you see a small lighthouse in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by small outcroppings only 11 meters high and 165 meters long, it would mean that you have arrived at the marine reserve, also known as Islets of the Ants. In the water, you will observe schools of fish, including bermuda sea chub, gray triggerfish and amberjacks. Your diving sites will be the Olympia shipwreck, the small bay near the Lighthouse, the wall of the Ilheús and a few spots to the north of the Ilheús. At the Formigas Islets, you will encounter large migratory pelagics, such as skipjack and bigeye tuna, Atlantic bonito and yellow barracuda, as well as wrasses, groupers and whiting. With the right amount of luck, you will also see hammerhead sharks, galapagos sharks and the giant manta rays.

The Baixa do Ambrosio reef is one of the most sought-after spots, and it is considered a deep dive with the bottom as deep as 50 meters. Many divers opt to stay on the rope between 2 and 15 meters, observing the huge shoals of fish and devil rays. For the more experienced divers, the bottom offers abundant marine life. You will be able to spot stingrays, red scorpion fish, shoals of amberjacks and bluefish. Even though there may be a moderate current, the location is fantastic for snorkeling.

Day 9. It will be your last day on board the beautiful sailboat and you will have time to get to know Santa Maria Island. You will be taken on a ride around the island, making several stops and visiting the island's sights. Also, you will stop for lunch at a local restaurant.

Day 10. This will be the departure day. You will go to the Santa Maria Airport.

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