Cappadocia Red Tour
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Cappadocia Red Tour

7 hours
English, Russian

Cappadocia Red Tour is perfect for photographers, amateur geologists and anyone who wants to surround themselves with the areas otherworldly landmarks. The Red Tour in Cappadocia offers a captivating exploration of the region's red-hued landscapes, ancient cave dwellings, and rich history. From the surreal beauty of the Red Valley to the awe-inspiring rock-cut churches of the Goreme Open-Air Museum, each stop on the tour unveils a new layer of Cappadocia's enchanting allure. Immerse yourself in the history, marvel at the natural wonders, and savor the local flavors and crafts that make this region truly exceptional. Embark on the Red Tour in Cappadocia and create cherished memories in a land that feels like it's been plucked from the pages of a fairytale.


  • Explore the Red Valley
  • Discover the Open-Air Museum of Goreme
  • Marvel at the Fairy Chimneys of Çavusin
  • Enjoy Local Cuisine and Handicrafts


  • Guide
  • Transportation by a/c vehicle
  • Entrance fee
  • Hotel pick-up and drop off (selected areas)
  • Lunch

Not included:

  • Personal expenses
  • Tips


Exploring the Red Valley: The Red Tour in Cappadocia typically begins with a visit to the Red Valley, renowned for its breathtaking red-rock formations and scenic hiking trails. As you wander through the valley, be captivated by the unique formations created by volcanic eruptions and centuries of erosion. The crimson-colored rocks, illuminated by the warm sunlight, create a surreal atmosphere that is both peaceful and awe-inspiring. Take in the panoramic views of the valley, dotted with fairy chimneys, cave dwellings, and ancient churches carved into the rocks.

Discovering the Open-Air Museum of Goreme: Continuing the Red Tour, youll explore the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Goreme Open-Air Museum. This remarkable site showcases an extraordinary collection of rock-cut churches, chapels, and monasteries dating back to the Byzantine period. Step inside these ancient structures adorned with intricate frescoes, and immerse yourself in the religious and artistic heritage of the region. The museum provides a glimpse into the spiritual and cultural life of the people who once called this area home.

Marveling at the Fairy Chimneys of Çavusin: The Red Tour takes you to the village of Çavusin, famous for its fascinating fairy chimneys. These towering rock formations, resembling fantastical figures, have been shaped by the forces of nature over millions of years. Explore the ancient cave dwellings carved into the chimneys and discover the remnants of a once-thriving community. As you wander through the village, witness the harmonious blending of nature and human settlement, creating a truly enchanting sight.

Visiting the Çavusin Castle: At the heart of Çavusin village, youll find the impressive Çavusin Castle, also known as the Church of St. John the Baptist. This ancient fortress stands as a testament to the region's rich history and offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. Explore the castle's intricate architecture, marvel at the panoramic vistas, and imagine the lives of the people who sought refuge within its walls.

Enjoying Local Cuisine and Handicrafts: As part of the Red Tour, youll have the opportunity to savor the local cuisine and immerse yourself in the regions vibrant handicraft traditions. Indulge in traditional Turkish dishes, such as tasty kebab and gozleme, and savor the flavors that reflect the culinary heritage of the area. Additionally, explore local handicraft workshops, where artisans create intricate carpets, ceramics, and pottery. Witness the skill and craftsmanship behind these traditional arts, and perhaps even bring home a unique souvenir as a memento of your Cappadocia experience.

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