Portugal is one of the oldest states on the Iberian Peninsula and in Europe. It boasts a history full of events, which includes periods of settlement, invasions, and fights. Along with a picturesque landscape that varies from mountains in the northern part of the country to flat plains in the south. In the western part, the country  is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. A voyage across this country promises you a lot of unforgettable and incredible impressions that will transform into pleasant memories long after you leave Portugal.

However, even with a lot of great scenery, the landscape and views that you will enjoy on the mainland of the country or on the archipelagos of the Azores or Madeira are not the only things that will touch your heart and make it beat faster. A long and rich history of the region has contributed to the appearance of a plethora of cultural artefacts that are worth your attention as well. If you are planning to go to the country for a couple of weeks, we are ready to provide you with some interesting routes that will never leave you indifferent, whatever of them you pick.

The Grand Multi-Day Tour: Portugal and Galicia

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Prepare yourself for a great voyage across the country with stops in the most picturesque regions and cities of Portugal. This tour lasts 20 days during which you are going to visit the city of Lisbon (Lisboa in Portuguese), Fatima, Porto, Santiago de Compostela and other places (including rivers) that attract millions of tourists annually. You will also admire La Sierra de Sintra. Moreover, by going to Fatima, you will see its Sanctuary, which is a sacred place for all Catholics. 

If you are ready for unforgettable impressions that will stay for a long time in your memory, you should definitely try this one first. During this 20-day tour across Portugal and Galicia, you will also be able to discover local cuisine and get in touch with the wine traditions of Fatima and other towns that are included into the program. Prices are not biting, even when you have meals in crowded places with a lot of tourists inside. As for accommodation, tourists will stay in various hotels across the whole route.

Fatima, Nazar and Obidos Tour from Lisbon (Lisboa)

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While the duration of this trip is nine hours only, tourists will have enough time to see a lot of places and sites that are included in the Heritage of UNESCO. The voyage starts in Lisbon (or Lisboa in Portuguese), and the first stop will be in Fatima, one of those old towns in the central part of the country. This town is famous for its Sanctuary of Fatima, which is one of the most important Catholic pilgrimage sites. Millions of people go to Fatima annually. It is said that Virgin Mary appeared here to three children, which makes this place sacred for Catholics. 

Along with Fatima you will also have time to go to Nazare and Obidos towns, which are also famous for their interesting sites. If you are looking for some adventures across historical locations and cities like Fatima, Obidos, Nazare, or Lisbon, you will definitely choose this one. If you have some time, you can also have a trip to the magnificent Sierra de Sintra, which is located in the Greater Lisboa region.

Liveaboard Tour: Azores

Azores Portugal.jpg

If you are looking for outdoor activities, this diving tour is definitely something you would like to try. The route starts at Marina de Vila de Porto, where you will spend a couple of days in a hotel and on white-sand beaches to rest after the flight. Later on, you will board a boat and spend the next seven unforgettable days and nights on it. 

The route goes through several reefs, where the boat will stop to allow you to admire the underwater life at full pace. The total length of this trip is 10 days, with seven of them in the open ocean. This tour is the best option for those who want to see another side of Portugal and its natural riches.

6-Day Yoga Retreat

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Tired of the buzzy and crowded streets of Lisbon and Porto? Then you should know that traveling in Portugal is not only about sightseeing. If you are not in the mood to explore Sintra or look at multiple pieces of historical heritage that are spread across the country, you have a great option. A 6-day yoga retreat in one of the best hotels on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean will help you rejuvenate and find peace of mind. 

As for accommodations, you will have a variety of double rooms (for reasonable prices) in local hotels, breakfast, lunch, and an opportunity to taste several sorts of local wine. If you are ready to devote time to yoga and some relaxation procedures, this option is the best.

2-Day East and West Algarve Tour (including Lagos and Tavira)

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If you are making a brief trip to Portugal and its cities, you might want to join a 2-day tour across the country from Lisboa to the Algarve that covers some other places like Lagos, Tavira, etc. While it seems too short, this voyage will definitely bring you a lot of positive emotions that you will hold until your next trip to Portugal to continue your acquaintance with this country. 

 Algarve is full of historical places, which you will be guided through by a qualified expert. During the tour, visitors will have the opportunity to see some towns and villages like Lagos, Sagres, and Tavira, walk through the historical streets, and explore the outskirts. There are some places where you can enjoy local meals and taste good wines. Prices are moderate in general.

Lagos, for instance, is known for its walled old town. There are also some beautiful places to see there. When arriving in Lagos, tourists will admire the cliffs and the Atlantic Ocean. Lagos is also famous for some historical sites, churches and a castle with a baroque facade. 

 You will be able to spend one night in one of the local 3 or 4-star hotels. Tourists will also have an opportunity to spend some time in Lisbon (also known as Lisboa).

4-Day Historical Tour

Castelo de vide Portugal.jpg

Portugal is rich in historical places that reflect various periods of the country's life. If you plan to spend a week here, you might be interested in going to some sites that still hold the memories of different eras. The 4-day historical tour starts in the city of Lisbon (Lisboa) with its famous Sintra, which is located in the Greater Lisbon region and other sites, from where you will make a trip to Evora to admire the Temple of Diana, built during Roman times. 

From Evora, tourists will travel to Castelo de Vide, where visitors will enjoy monuments of both Roman and medieval ages. Some of those sites are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Those old buildings and streets provide guests with unprecedented impressions and magnificent views.

Finally, visitors will arrive in Coimbra and Tomar, a medieval town with some sites to see. Along with the Castle of Templars that witnessed the lifeflow and the fall of one of the mightiest medieval orders, you will see some traits of Roman culture by going to the Aqueduct of Pegões, and the Old University. By joining this trip, you will stay in various hotels, make stops in several towns, and will be able to taste local cuisine and wines in the most picturesque places of this country.

Evora and Arraiolos 

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Evora town is a museum site where you can find a lot of places to visit. You can start with the Temple of Diana that is a good example of the Roman presence. The center of the city of Evora is surrounded by the walls that were built in the 17th century. During this trip you will also be able to visit many other interesting sites that Evora offers to tourists. 

The duration of the program, which has a moderate price, is 8 hours only, but this time is enough for tourists to admire the main sites of Evora. You will have an opportunity to touch the history as well as to taste local foods and beverages. 

Lisbon (Lisboa) Diving Tour

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There are plenty of sites to see in the city of Lisbon, but tourists from all over the world come here not only for sightseeing and aesthetic impressions. Local beaches and access to the open ocean provide visitors with a lot more opportunities for outdoor activities. The 8-day Lisbon diving tour combines both must-see site visits and diving. In particular, before tourists reach the destination, they will admire Sintra and other interesting places. 

The diving activities start at Sesimbra and continue at Cascais. Tourists have an opportunity to enjoy the city of Lisbon (Lisboa in Portuguese) again and visit some other sites. Visitors spend a night in a four-star hotel (at reasonable prices) before their departure.

Multi-Day Tour to Coimbra, Porto and the Douro Valley


Portugal has an impressive list of monuments that represent various epochs. Some of them are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. From the Roman Empire to the medieval, from Renaissance to present days, you will find a lot of great sites to see there. A 5-day tour across the most interesting places in Portugal allows you to touch the history and admire the creations of human hands.

By joining this tour, visitors will see the Knights Templar’s Castle, the Old Aqueduct of Tomar, some historical sites of Porto, the oldest cathedral in Braga, the Douro Valley, the medieval village of Obidos, and others. This trip across Portugal is saturated with the most interesting historical places and will give tourists unforgettable memories that they will hold onto until their next visit to Portugal. Apart from sightseeing, tourists will taste local cuisine and wine (prices are moderate), which are famous far beyond the country. An overnight stay in one of Lisbon hotels is a great opportunity to learn more about Lisboa and take part in its nightlife.

Algarve Diving Tour

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Diving is one of the most popular types of entertainment in Portugal, as this country is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the west. An 8-day tour of the Algarve provides tourists with the opportunity to glance at what is hidden under the water's surface. The riches of ocean life combined with the beauty of local sceneries will leave no one indifferent. During the diving tour, you will admire the Ocean Revival Park, Praia da Rocha, Lagos and other picturesque sites. 

Active diving activities are combined with relaxation on the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. Visitors will have an opportunity to look at the Fragata Comandante Hermenegildo Capelo and other sunken ships. 

The tour prices include accommodations in 3-star hotels, wet suits, meals, wine tasting activities, and a guide who will help you discover the beauties of this region, its cities and learn more about local history and architecture. Algarve is one of those sites where you would definitely like to go again and again.

Madeira Diving Tour

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If you are looking for outdoor activities such as diving, you will be surprised by the number of tours that offer the opportunity to plunge into the ocean and discover the underwater life there. Therefore, you will have a lot of species to see, and an 8-day Madeira Diving tour may not even seem enough to enjoy underwater scenery. 

Tourists will spend seven nights in a 3-star hotel, with meals and wetsuits included. Moreover, they will taste local meals and wines throughout their stay on Madeira. And even when the trip concludes, you still have an opportunity to admire Madeira from above when the plane takes off aiming at Lisbon, the capital city  of Portugal.

The Great Diving Tour in Portugal

Great Diving Tour Portugal.jpg

Tourists who plan to stay for a couple of weeks in Portugal have an opportunity to admire the underwater oceanic life in the most beautiful parts of the country. The 13-day diving tour starts in Porto, the second-largest city. Along with sightseeing, you will taste the famous Port wine, which is one of the drawcards of the region. 

The route goes through Peniche, the city of Lisboa, Sesimbra, Fonte de Telha, and Algarve. This rich program will leave no one unsatisfied. The underwater adventures will be combined with sightseeing, tasting local meals and wines, and relaxing on the most beautiful beaches of the region. At night, you will stay in one of those hotels or apartments that are widely spread across this part of the country.

The 13-day diving adventure includes a special private tour in Lisbon, which will give you a brief glance at the most interesting places of The Greater Lisboa region such as La Sierra de Sintra and other popular sites of the biggest city of Portugal. During this trip, you will stay in a 3-star hotel that is located in a very beautiful part of Lisbon with breakfast included.

Sintra and Cascais Tour

During this 8-hour trip, visitors will have an opportunity to see Sintra and Cascais. The route comes through the famous Pena Palace, the Village of Sintra, and the town of Azenhas de Mar, which is famous for its fishing activities. Even if it seems too short, you will have enough time to explore those places and their outskirts. 

Enjoy your Best Traveling Experiences in Portugal

As you can see, there are plenty of tours available for those who want to travel to this part of the world. Portugal is rich in historical monuments and sites where you can quench your thirst for adventure and take a lot of memories with you. Apart from Lisboa and Porto, the two biggest cities, there are plenty of other beautiful locations that still have a lot of secrets to share with tourists. You will also be able to familiarize yourself with local cuisine and taste various sorts of wine, which is very popular in this region.  If you are looking for a tour in Portugal, send us a message, and our experts will find the best experiences for you at reasonable prices.